Sunday in Outer Blogness: Power Edition!

Priesthood Sunday in Outer Blogness

Continuing our discussion of John R’s impending excommunication, Holly has written an interesting series on the power of the priesthood (specifically, on its power to corrupt), see Men with First Names and Sweaty Palms, Stunted and Misshapen by the Priesthood, and The Priesthood is Magic. The angryyoungwoman, also inspired by John R’s words and experiences, wrote about the importance of being strong, honest, and never backing down.

But what about when the Lord makes a real show of power by, say, striking a building with lightning? The Mormons have a perfectly reasonable excuse for the damage to Moroni on the new temple: He was actually designed to act as a lightning rod. And yet, why can’t they just count on God not to strike His holy temple with lightning? Oh, ye of little faith!

In this week’s funnies, we have the power of not being reverent during prayer, how to get to heaven, how to witness to Mormons, and new strategies and alliances for stopping the Tube Sock Holocaust of Spermatazoan-Americans. Also, Daniel talks about how dogma keeps you in the dark, offering some interesting ideas about motion-sensing automatic lights and the (Jewish) sabbath.

Finally, we have the first review of the FOB Bible! You guys can tell me whether it got good marks or not — I’m holding off on reading other reviews until after I’ve finished writing my own. 😀

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