Sunday in Outer Blogness: To Church or Not to Church Edition!

This week turned up some great stories of participating in Mormonism! Who would want to miss the fabulous object lessons from Young Women’s? Don’t be afraid to admit that you connect emotionally with the hymns. And that hour of mental vacuum (sac. mtg.) can be put to very creative use! (As long as you’re not attending in Uganda…) Family history is full of fun little discoveries, like having an Aunt Tranny. There’s some fascinating stuff in church history as well, like the story of Jane Elizabeth Manning James and of all of the other branches of the restoration tradition!

To church or not to church? EFY or Camp Inquiry — which to choose? What if you’re “spiritual but not religious”? There are some attractive alternatives to F & T meeting. For example, you could join five hundred exmos on the exmo reddit!

There are down sides of Mo culture, too. Getting into other people’s business. A little censorship and coercion.

Then there’s the question of what your children will learn with and without the guidance of LDS Inc.

So what about you? Did you attend? I didn’t. But I took a nice walk through the woods with my family. My husband photographed some birds and some alpine newts. Later, I spent some time reading and some time sewing patches onto the knees of pants my cute little rough-and-tumble kids tore through. And now I’m watching the thunderstorm through the window with a cup of tea. 😀


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  1. chanson says:

    p.s. While doing my mending, naturally I imagined sitting with Holly and her knitting, chatting about books we’ve read lately. 😉

  2. chanson says:

    p.p.s. Looks like Koda was also happy not to attend, and Jon found a more interesting engagement as well…

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