Monday fun: What Kind of Mormon Are You?

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What kind of Mormon / non-Mormon / anti-Mormon are you? Are you a misfit Mormon? Jack Mormon? Intellectual? Fundamentalist? Ex-Mormon? If you’re not sure, this quiz claims to be able to help you figure it out! So far, three of our readers have taken it (here, here, and me), and we all got “Sunstone Mormon.”

So, is everybody on Main Street Plaza a “Sunstone Mormon”? Or do we have any real anti-Mormons, or perhaps some Jack Mormons or a Mormon Fundamentalist or two? I’m not sure a simple quiz like this one can distinguish all of the different types of Mormons, but it’s a fun diversion for a Monday morning…

36 thoughts on “Monday fun: What Kind of Mormon Are You?

  1. I wasn’t about to give them my contact information after answering all these questions. Who knows who this Mike SLC is? He might be the ‘Nacle’s first confidence trickster.

  2. Blissfully Non-Mormon, and I can’t believe I am the first at the plaza to get that. I also find it interesting the the curve for LDS Knowledge is skewed so far positive.

  3. I also got sunstone mormon.

    And I think this is an internal document that is now being used by T&S to discover the NOMs in their midst.

  4. Wow, a lot of Radical Mormons! I didn’t even know that category existed! And, Ann, did it really give you “Son of Perdition”? So far only one Non-Mo and one TBM (if you follow the trackback).

    Here’s the deal with T&S: They’re one of the biggest Mormon group blogs of the Bloggernacle, and they recently had a gigantic kerfetchle as one permablogger quit in a dramatic huff upon discovering that another permablogger was a NOM. I think Andrew covered it well here, with links to all the relevant posts, if you’re interested.

    But rather than T&S using this test as a winnowing tool, I suspect the Sunstone Blog! It’s a very subtle recruiting tactic. 😉

  5. I scored as a Misfit Mormon. That is a fairly good fit. I like the sound of “heretic,” and that is my aspiration.

  6. Ok, maybe I am being overly sensitive as some might call an Evangelical Mormon a misfit, but it still comes off as name calling to me. It’s sort of like saying: hey AH, if you’re not like Adam Greendick, GTFO! Hence I said f___-em!

  7. I didn’t take the quiz, but what does anti-Mormon mean anyway?

    I left the church and I disagree with its fundamental teachings of the Church.

    I don’t want my kids involved (although my wife does) and I love debating mormons on many church related topics (history, doctrine, the Jazz).

    does that make me anti-mormon?

  8. LWM — Interestingly nobody seems to have gotten “anti-Mormon” with this quiz yet. I’m tempted to try giving the most negative answers possible just to see if that’s what it gives me.

    Regarding whether debating history and doctrine with Mormons makes you an “anti-Mormon”: I don’t think it necessarily does. That’s part of the idea of this site — to grant that non-believing “cultural Mormons” don’t fit the Mormon stereotype of the “anti-Mormon” (attacking just to bring people down or whatever).

  9. The term anti-Mormon is used far too loosely by many LDS and should be reserved for haters who seek to harm the Mormon people, but the term may be beyond recovery at this point. I’ve heard active LDS called anti for saying the obvious like JS had a very healthy libido, BY was a bigot, BKP comes off as a repressed homosexual or Gs are cultish. The term has been so diluted; I don’t think there’s any useful meaning there.

  10. Steve EM — In such cases, it sounds like the term is being used defensively, to protect against uncomfortable ideas. Clearly “anti-Mormon” doesn’t mean much when it’s frequently used dismiss and protect against any and all criticism.

  11. There is no such things as “anti-mormon” we rather should be sorry for them being deceived.

    BUT anti-mormonism is the point. The problem is mormonism, not mormons. They are pple who think they are Christian but are used by a different organisation which itself says they are Christian (but sooo many discrepency with Bible that they CAN’T be Xtian)

    Anyway, I had “Jack Mormon” which is … huhm … not that far !


  12. Help me …
    I’m looking for that website of that ex-missionnary mormon guy (excelent blog of his !)

    I know I was on that website before I went to discover his blog, but can’t find the address anymore …

    Cheers !

  13. Eric — I might be able to help you if you can give me a few more details about what you remember from the blog in question. I have a list of more than 200 ex-mormon blogs, and quite a lot of them went on missions (and are excellent 😉 ).

  14. XD i got “perfect morman” even though i tend to not agree with a lot of the churches stands on world issues. That and i don’t like to go to church because of certain personal reasons that i’m not gonna mention ehre. But i guess i scored big points on my knowlege of the bible and the book of morman!

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