NYT: Mormons, Gentiles and Polygamists

The New York Times is reporting about the Mormon melting pot in St George:

Paul Hanson, who lives in a fundamentalist community about an hour from St. George and works for a building products company, said he had come to understand that the Mormon splinter groups and the Mormon Church, based in Salt Lake City, shared the same flaw: they want their members to think a certain way.

“The reason I haven’t joined any of the groups, even the Mormon Church, is that there’s not enough freedom,” Mr. Hanson said. “You can’t express your own opinions.”

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2 Responses

  1. Well, you CAN express your own opinions. But you WILL be ostracized or worse if you do.

  2. Hellmut says:

    That’s right, Sister Mary Lisa. The funny thing is that there are so many believers who are in denial about the conformism that is required to be socially comfortable in Mormonism. Even funnier is that the biggest deniers are the greatest offenders when it comes to sanctioning open minded Mormons.

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