Harvey Milk

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Hollywood is rolling out Harvey Milk, a tribute to the first openly elected gay man to a major office in the United States. The reviews of Harvey Milk are excellent. Sean Penn is supposed to be magnificent and the movie captures humanity of the gay experience.
People will get out of that movie and despise homophobia. Then they will look for a homophobic force and the first thing that will come to their mind will be the Mormon Church.
Almost every journalist and every opinion leader of the reality based community will see Harvey Milk and shape his or her opinions accordingly.

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4 Responses

  1. In case you didn’t catch it, the director was interviewed on Fresh Air. He grew up gay and Mormon yet discourages focusing on the groups who voted Prop 8 into law. Worth a listen.

  2. Sorry, that was the interview of the lead actor. The one who grew up Mormon was the screenwriter and executive producer.

  3. Hellmut says:

    Thanks, Jonathan. I did hear that interview but was just wondering where in the archives it would be.

  4. Kullervo says:

    Somehow I doubt anyone’s going to go see this movie that does not already have a problem with homophobia.

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