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Any fans of slashdot here? No? Anyone ever heard of the Slashdot effect? Basically it’s when a website is hammered by visitors when a widely popular site links to it and it isn’t ramped up to handle that kind of traffic.

In the latest issue of Sunstone there is a short blurb about this website, images of the restoration, that has drawings of missing parts of Mormon history. The Sunstone write up made it seem as the the website was a bit nefarious, but it seems relatively innocuous to me: drawings of Joseph Smith seducing women, translating the BofM, etc. Anyway, considering how wildly popular Main Street Plaza is these days (I’m sure we have close to the 50,000+ daily readers Slashdot has), I figure we could all drop by and let them know what we think?

Or you can just stay here and comment…

4 thoughts on “Slashdotting

  1. Well, I hate to be a spoil sport, but we typically run about 2 orders of magnitude under the traffic at Slashdot.

    Now if we could get a link to MSP from Slashdot or Fark, then we would have some juice.

  2. I once got farked. It was annoying at the time (due to the unexpected deluge of idiotica in the comments) but kind of amusing in retrospect.

  3. Does anyone know the actual traffic here at MSP?

    We average about 100-150 hits a day. It’s been roughly that since about a week after we opened the doors.

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