Who cares what Brigham Young said? (Polygamist continues…)

I woke from my fitful sleep to a light in my eyes.

As I was groggily sitting up and regaining consciousness, I heard Spencer say “See? I knew we’d find him here.” Then Spencer and Sam both squeezed into the tiny room, standing the flashlight up to point at the ceiling.

“Are you okay in here?” asked Sam. Read the rest of the story ร‚ยป


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at @chanson@social.linux.pizza or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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  1. Guy Noir Private Eye says:


    would u pls (re) send me yr email?
    mine is manderst@yahoo.com
    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. chanson says:

    Sure, it’s chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com.

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