Author: The Sacred Sister

Untangling the Knot 4

Untangling the Knot

Three years ago this month, I mailed my resignation letter to Greg Dodge at Member Records in Salt Lake City. There was nothing special about my letter. I used the generic resignation letter from...

Maidenhood, Spinsterhood & Sex 6

Maidenhood, Spinsterhood & Sex

The highlight of attending Young Woman’s each Sunday was seeing C.J. C.J. was one of the Young Women’s advisers and she wasn’t your typical LDS woman. She was blunt, honest and downright irreverent at...

Love One Another 6

Love One Another

After moving to Utah, I made my living as a photographer. During that time, I was given a glimpse into the lives of many different types of people. Many of which, were Mormons. I’m...