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Performing Mormon womanhood 5

Performing Mormon womanhood

LuLaRoe, Judith Butler, the Family Proclamation, and our invisible Heavenly Mother In the 1990 book Gender Trouble, queer philosopher Judith Butler proposed that gender is not a fixed trait but one that must be...

Elder Holland, consequences, and cruelty 7

Elder Holland, consequences, and cruelty

On Monday Aug 23, the President of BYU announced an “office of belonging” to “combat prejudice of any kind.” Sexual orientation was specifically mentioned. That same day, Jeffrey Holland, former president of BYU and...

Patient with psychotherapist 2

Psychotherapy, Mormonism, and me

When I read advice for counseling Church members, I did not expect to see myself A while back, searching for something else, I came across an academic paper advising psychotherapists how to treat Mormon...