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Welcome to Main Street Plaza, the place where everyone is welcome to join in the discussion about Mormonism!

This blog is largely run for and by the former Mormon community — we started as a spin-off blog from FLAK. However, we want it to be a place where people of all viewpoints can have their say as long as they’re interested in having a two-way discussion. And folks, keeping a discussion friendly (when it’s about passionate topics like politics and religion) is not easy. That’s why we ask for everyone’s cooperation. Our commenting policy is simple:

We ask everyone to make a good-faith effort to keep their comments civil and constructive.

That’s it. We don’t have an elaborate set of specific rules, but your intentions do matter. As long as we all intend to have a reasonable and fruitful exchange of ideas, the details will work themselves out. Remember that we’ve been pretty successful at having a civil discussion across belief lines here for several years now, so if you won’t/can’t make your point in a clear and reasonable way, then it only makes your own position look, well, questionable. And if you think we need some improvement (we admit we often do!) we’re open to constructive criticism — just leave a comment.

If you’re wondering why non-believers are talking about Mormonism at all, please read our FAQ.

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Here on Main Street Plaza we’ve collected up all of the former Mormon blogs that we can find into a grand blogroll called “Outer Blogness.” If you’ve been Mormon or if Mormonism has been an important part of your life in some way, we’d be very happy to add your blog. Mormonism doesn’t even have to be one of the main topics of your blog — we include plenty of personal blogs from former Mormons.

If you want your blog included — or if you know of an exmo blog that’s missing from the list — please email chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com.

Similarly, please email if you’re a believing Mormon and you’d like to be added to our “TBM Blogroll” (or if you’d like to be transferred from our “TBM Blogroll” to “Outer Blogness” or vice-versa, or if there’s some other error in your link).

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Thanks, and see you in Outer Blogness and on Latter-day Main Street!!