Collecting Nominations for the 2018 Brodie Awards!!


2018-Brodies-200px The nomination process for X-Mormon of the Year is underway — please be sure to get in your nominations before next weekend when the voting begins.

Now, it’s also time to start on the Brodie Awards!! The Brodie Awards are a fun little yearly activity intended to give some extra recognition and signal boost to the best LDS-interest content published/posted during the past year. This is your opportunity to review your favorite pieces, find out about great works you may have missed, and even promote your own work!

As usual, I will start by posting a list of suggested categories (from last year), but the precise list of award categories depends on your suggestions. Please feel free to browse the sidebar for ideas on award categories we’ve used in the past for ideas. Below the suggested categories, I will post the nomination guidelines.

Year-long awards for people and groups:

  • Best New Blog/Channel/Podcast
  • Best Humor/Satire Blog/Channel/Podcast
  • Best Mormon History Blog/Channel/Podcast
  • Best LDS-Church-Info Site
  • Best LDS-interest Discussion Forum
  • Best Exmormon Reddit Contributor

Awards for Individual Works:

  • Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction)
  • Best LDS-Interest Book (non-fiction)
  • Best LDS-Interest Song
  • Best Poem
  • Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image
  • Best Post Title
  • Funniest Humor Piece
  • Funniest Parody
  • Best Metaphor/Analogy/Allegory
  • Best From the Pulpit Sermon
  • Most Poignant Personal Story
  • Best Exit Story
  • Best Life Journey Piece
  • Best Activist/Activtist Movement Within Mormonism
  • Best Leak or Personal Recording
  • Best LDS Church Watch Piece
  • Best Response to Apologetics
  • Best LDS-Culture Piece
  • Best History Piece
  • Best Scripture Study Piece
  • Best Discussion on Parenting
  • Best Discussion on Orientation
  • Best Best Discussion on Gender
  • Best Discussion on Race
  • Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS
  • Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion
  • Best Podcast Episode
  • Best Short Media Presentation
  • Best Book Review

And here are the nomination guidelines:

  • Please nominate as many people, books, blogs, sites, podcasts, songs, articles, images, etc. as you want. However, please do not nominate more than two individual works by any one author/artist.
  • You are encouraged to nominate your own works. No one knows better than you do which pieces were your best. No more than two, though.
  • Please nominate works that first appeared during 2018.
  • Please try to nominate people and works that have some connection with Mormonism (eg. either the work touches on Mormonism, or the author is a current or former Mormon and/or is an active participant in our community).
  • A category must have at least three nominations in order to be included in the voting and awards phase.
  • You may suggest your own categories — however please do it as early as possible in the nominations process, to give others plenty of time to add nominations in your proposed categories.
  • Any other proposed changes to the categories or to the guidelines are welcome — feel free to discuss it in the comments.
  • The nominations will be open until mid-January, 2019, depending on my schedule. I will finalize the dates and categories and add my own nominations a few days before the nominations close and voting begins.

How to nominate: Just post your nominations as comment to this thread, but please include links to the works you nominate. If your nomination comment ends up in the spam filter, please email me (chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com) and I will fish it out.

I can’t wait to review all of the best works from 2018!!!

81 thoughts on “Collecting Nominations for the 2018 Brodie Awards!!

  1. Best New Blog/Channel/Podcast: Marriage on a Tightrope
    Best Leak: McKenna Denson/Joseph Bishop interview
    Best Podcast Episode: Radio Free Mormon: General Conference Death March

  2. Best podcast episode: Mormon Happy Hour episode 32

    Best activism movement within the church, of course Sam Young and Protect LDS Children

    Best podcast: Mormon Happy Hour

    Best new podcast: Latter-Day Lesbian

  3. Best podcast episode: No man knows my herstory: episode 42 happy birthday to Kelsae and a coming out story

    Best podcast No man knows my herstory

    Best new podcast: Latter-day lesbian

  4. Best New Podcast: Latter-Day Lesbian

    Best Exmormon Reddit Contributor: Stan Way “Faithful TBM”

    Most Poignant Personal Story: Tara Westover

  5. Top Three Mormon Happy Hour BEST Episodes!

    Interview with NewNameNoah Mike Norton on his Arrest for Trespassing LDS Temple

    Interview with Sam Young after 23 Day Hunger Strike

    Mormon Sexual Trauma Dumpster Fire

  6. Best New Podcast – Wardless: A Post-Mormon Field Guide

    Best Podcast Episode – 004 What’s Underneath: Dealing with Garments

    Best Podcast Episode – 003 Exit Strategy: Stopping Church Attendance

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