Sunday in Outer Blogness: Good Riddance 2016 Edition!

I’d be even happier to see 2016 gone if it weren’t for the fact that the main problems of 2016 are ones that will be blossoming catastrophically in 2017… 🙁

Adult Onset Atheist described the problem in a nutshell:

One potential lead indicator, that has a lot of scientists worrying a lot, is the increase of atmospheric Methane. Rising temperatures have begun to cause the release of what could be immense amounts of methane in the frozen, or more precisely previously frozen, north. In Siberia escaping Methane has blown giant plugs of permafrost out of the ground, and left strange craters that look a lot like what I imagine the result of some huge alien space laser blast to look like. The reason Methane release is such a scary lead indicator has less to do with alien invasion, and a lot to do with the fact that it is many times as effective a greenhouse gas as Carbon Dioxide, and we have no real control over the rate it is being released. Some estimates have the climate impact of the rate of increase of Methane concentration in the atmosphere equaling the impact of the current increase in Carbon Dioxide; if Methane release rates continue to increase it could become the major driver of future temperature increases.

I guess it’s time to get to work.

At least one Mo-Tab member has quit rather than sing for Trump. I would hope they would consider dissenting voices, but I guess they know what audience they’re trying to attract. As Amy Allebest has said:

These arguments might have been valid in the past, but they ignore the fact that this president-elect’s behavior is utterly without precedent in US history.

On the positive side? Set good goals. Idaho experienced one Christmas miracle. The Exponent offered a list of favorite female-led podcasts.

And please keep in mind that we’re in the middle awards season here at MSP! It’s time to make a list of your favorite Mo-related books/posts/songs/podcasts/etc. of 2016 and nominate them here!!! Voting has begun for X-Mormon of the Year (vote here). On a related note, Ryan McKnight was just interviewed on the Friendly Atheist Podcast.

It’s also the season of yearly reviews, in case anyone actually wants to review 2016…

For this past week, in responses to apologetics we have the anti-Nibley challenge, some really obvious bad writing, and an improved message for women. The CoJCoL-dS is making baby steps towards allowing people to discuss doctrinal meat in church.

In personal stories, Laura Root recounted being an in-love Mormon Lesbian, Steve Otteson described his connection with Germany, Monica shared her hall of infamy, and Gen-X Gillain recounted sexual shaming:

Judging by current media America is pretty clear on LDS morals, and sure, it’s great fodder for comedy … But to a teenager battling with on-setting hormones? Not so funny. It’s a desperate feeling to have your body telling you one thing and your adults telling you another—we’ve all been there to some extent, right?! Okay, my vice, but there are a lot of Mormon teens struggling, right now, with the intense instincts built into their bodies.

Here’s hoping things turn around in 2017!!!


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