Sunday in Outer Blogness: Where are the scandals? edition!

Sunday in Outer Blogness

I have to confess, like this redditor, I’m asking “Isn’t it time for another scandal?” At the end of a year that looks like this, have all the guys at the Church Office Building gone on vacation or something? It seems like the worst they’ve done this past week is sort Christmas cards into judgmental piles!!

Well, after spending the day drawing comics and working on my yearly baking of cookies — despite some great stuff posted this past week! — I feel like I’d like to roll over this weeks batch and combine it with next week’s… I hope nobody minds too much.

Keep in mind — I’ll be opening the X-Mormon of the Year nominations this week and the Brodie nominations next week!! Plus I have one more book review coming up. Also, be aware that there will be some down-time in the coming week due to server maintenance.

Happy Holidays!!! 😀

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