Sunday in Outer Blogness: Uncorrelated Revelation Edition!

Weren’t the days before correlation fun? Take Alma, for example. He got the authority to baptize just by praying for it — without any laying on of hands from a priesthood authority! Try doing that in today’s CoJCoL-dS.

In prophecy news, Rick Santorum had a prophecy fulfilled. Other prophecies haven’t fared so well, like that one about how you are the generation that will see the second coming of Christ (that has failed every generation for the past 2000 years or so). One that has been an embarrassing failure for even longer, though — Jeremiah’s prophecy that Damascus will be destroyed — may finally come true!! (The trick to predictions is to be willing to wait indefinitely.) And don’t try to tell me this was just a coincidence! Maybe you can have revelations too!

As discussed last week, Denver Snuffer is on the road to excommunication for talking about talking to angels (the CoJCoL-dS didn’t offer enough for him to halt publication of his book). And now it seems women are receiving revelation from Heavenly Mother — a correlated-priesthood-hierarchy no-no if there ever was one — and worse: arguing for female ordination using logic! So, will they make it into the boys’ club or wind up on the curb with Denver Snuffer?

Mormonism is in the middle of conflicts and divides families especially at weddings (but Mormonism isn’t the only one).

In life journeys, Cedric learned about valuing different points of view, Andrew solved the God equation, and Linsdsay got a beautifully symbolic tattoo:

That wacky book by a GA’s wife was a big discussion topic this past week! It seems that it emphasizes some culty aspects separating Mormonism from mainstream Christianity. (Well, sort of — purity pledges and making kids say the Pledge of Allegiance offer similar types of cultiness.) I predict — nay prophesy — that the book will silently be hidden away in the back corner of the Deseret Book catalog (yet will still be available for bishops to recommend to unsuspecting young families in their wards).

Of course, a lot of folks of Outer Blogness wrote about tangentially-to-not-Mormon-related topics. One was English-only. I don’t think it’s a totally black-and-white issue, but there are definitely ways of doing it wrong:

Sarah’s father was the one who caught the young man, using the Spanish he had learned from his grandmother, and in school. Her father felt it necessary to use his position of authority to shame the YM who translated, for polluting the “Spirit of the Conference” in such a “disgraceful manner,” and make it clear that the South American family, were not real members of Zion, just people who were there to “mooch off the church welfare system,” for the 4-6 years while the father of the family would be in graduate school.

Her father posted this video, with the following comment:

“True Patriots don’t make excuses for kids with poop for brains, they eliminate those who are ignorant. Maybe it’s time to stop wasting our time on foreign missions, and worry about taking care of our own, and only our own.”

Other topics included receiving an award from Equality Utah, visiting a memorial cemetary, poems for trolls and delicious recipes!

At my place, we’re spending our weekend relaxing, building castles out of Legos, camping on the balcony, playing Minecraft, reading — with just a little bit of housework and middle-of-the-night server maintenance. I hope you’re having a nice weekend as well. Happy reading!


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5 Responses

  1. Paul Anthony says:

    You have a cool site. I like all of the diverse links that you intersperse within your posts.

  2. Alan says:

    arguing for female ordination using logic!

    RE: female ordination, I’m wondering if the campaign is also a movement toward optional ordination. Because right now, boys are ordained as a matter of course…they kind of don’t have a choice when they turn 12. And if there was female ordination, and everyone would be ordained….wouldn’t that be a little odd?

  3. aerin says:

    @3, From my (limited) understanding, being ordained would be a choice, not given to all worthy males over 12. From my understanding, this is also the way it was when the church started….people were at all different levels ( a man would be in the aaronic priesthood his entire life).

  4. Alan says:

    @4: That’s interesting. So basically the priesthood now is a lifelong conveyer belt that a boy gets dropped on at age 12, and he sits on through old age … when before it was more flexible, going every which way. It’s almost like both genders have been to reduced to an assembly line process.

    Yeah, female ordination would be a whole new restructuring…. They better get busy figuring this out!

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