Sunday in Outer Blogness: Racial anniversary edition!

This past week, I kept seeing links to this article: On 37th anniversary of priesthood ban’s end, black Mormons say race issues still need attention. And I kept thinking, well duh — is there anyone who thinks otherwise? Obviously just sweeping it under the rug doesn’t suffice. (Note: Jane Manning James’s story got some attention at the annual Mormon History Association conference.)

Yep, racism’s alive and well, and if you want some evidence, just have a look at the Texas pool party incident that swept the Internet recently.

It was also a big week for scripture study! Steve Wells argued that the Bible encourages people to have sex with animals. Also capitalism. The Book of Mormon, OTOH, can offer you some interesting military strategy. If you find those tales a bit hard to swallow, remember one of the reasons historicity matters:

It definitely matters to me if the Book of Mormon is historical or not. If it’s not, there go the truth claims of the LDS church, along with its priesthood authority, the necessity for temples, tithing, and everything else the LDS church uniquely teaches or claims. If the Book of Mormon isn’t historical, to me it’s Christian fan fiction. It may teach of Christ, but it doesn’t mean Jesus himself authorized it, or that he approves of it.

In church discussion, Alex found the perfect visual metaphor for Mormonism. Hawkgrrl discussed some questionable values promoted by the CoJCoL-dS but rejected by everyone’s favorite Mormon columnist. The blog explained the ordinance of dedicating one’s home. How did Utah become a bizarre, blissful epicenter for get-rich-quick schemes? Analyzing the differences between John Dehlin and Alan Rock Waterman led Corbin Volluz to some ideas on what will get people excommunicated. Personally, I think it’s doing anything that helps believers notice how devoid of insight the correlated CoJCoL-dS is — like, say, holding a rogue “foyer Sunday School”. (Of course, there are worse things than being boring…)

Runtu highlighted a tale of an Evangelical missionary in the heart of the Morridor. Too bad for him that the CoJCoL-dS prepares its members for atheism:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints incessantly teaches its members that the prayer experience is the only way to “know” and thus implicitly teaches that all other evidence or rational means of seeking Truth is insufficient. By focusing on and relying fideistically on the prayer, the LDS Church makes its members into believers who are only a few spiritual impressions and a prayer from being agnostics.

In interfaith interactions, an encounter with a believer helped Emma appreciate why she left, and TommyMonsoon acted on some great advice on what to do when you get invited to (stand outside) a temple wedding.

In life stuff, David Twede is still mired in a custody battle involving his LDS-interest blogging. And we have new exit story from the atheist Mormon housewife:

My thirst for truth was unquenchable. I scoured the internet for any information on Mormon history I could find until 2 or 3 in the morning, night after night. Reading new things I never knew about the church before was exciting and exhilarating. Church history had always been boring to me in the past and I realized that is because I was never taught the real history. I found the real history fascinating. Which also made me feel guilty because the real history is not faith promoting. When I finally pulled myself from the computer and collapsed into bed, I’d cry and cry. I’d let out all the ugly emotions that were pent up inside me while I laid there in my bed alone.

In books, Knotty has reviewed some LDS-interest true crime.

Now it’s time for some fun images! Just check out these stock photos from! Plus an interview with satirical artist Matt Page. (Is the plug-going-in-the-electric-socket really the best image for teaching about the male power of the Mormon priesthood?) Then take a look at these lovely images from Utah Pride! Then enjoy a musical interlude.

Even the not-Mormon-related discussion this week included beautiful imagery! Here‘s a haiku and some gorgeous family travels!

I’ve had a nice relaxing weekend enjoying all the fun stuff on the Internet (not to mention my other hobbies). Happy Sunday to you as well!


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