Last Call for Brodies Nominations!!

Wow, have we got a lot of great nominations this year!! Thanks to all who spent the time to review the works of the past year and nominate the best!!

I have gathered up all of the nominations and worked out the (more-or-less) final categories — with remarks for you on possible final changes. Note: if you are an author, and you have more than one nomination in a single category, you may request to have only your favorite of your pieces go on to the voting phase (to avoid competing against yourself). Or if one of your nominated pieces could potentially fit in a different category and you would like it moved, please say so.

Year-long awards for people and websites:

Best New Blog

Best Discussion Forum
This category has only one nomination, probably because it is highly unlikely that any other forum stands a chance of beating the Exmormon Reddit. If there are no objections, I’ll drop this category this year.

Best Humor/Satire Site or Blog

Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel

Best LDS Church Watch/Analysis Blog or Website
This is a new category for 2014 — there was a real explosion of new sites analyzing and reporting on the CoJCoL-dS. If you have any recommendations for a better title for this category, please say so in the comments.

Best Scripture Study Blog/Podcast

Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog
This category needs more nominations

Awards for Individual Works:

Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction)

Best LDS-Interest Book (Non-fiction)

Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image

Best Mormon-Themed Meme

Best Musical Work
This category needs two more nominations or will be dropped.

Most fantastic r/mormon AMA

Best Post Title

Funniest Humor Piece

Most Poignant Personal Story

Best LDS-Interest Feature story or special-interest series
I’m not sure if this is the besta way to categorize these… Either there will be more nominations that fit here, or I’ll fold these nominations into another category…

Best Exit Story
This category needs some more nominations…

Best Moving On from Mormonism Piece

Best Original Research Regarding Mormonism

Best LDS Church Watch Piece

Best Podcast Series or Episode

Best Response to Apologetics

Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction

Best Religion-and-Race Discussion

Best Religion-and-Gender Discussion

Best Religion-and-Orientation Post

Best Erotic or Sexual Piece
This category needs one more nomination or will be dropped.

Best History Piece

Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS

Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion
This category could potentially be renamed

Best Parody/Metaphor/Analogy
I thought of this category at the last minute because it seemed like I saw a lot of these… Please submit your own, and I will probably add a few more or move some into this category.

Best Poem
This category needs one more nomination or will be dropped.

Best Review

Best Recipe
This category needs two more nominations or will be dropped.

Unfortunately, I will not have time to prepare the polls until Wednesday or Thursday of next week, so you have one more week to get in your final nominations. Thanks to all for participating!!


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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11 Responses

  1. I’d like to nominate my blog post below for the new Best Parody/Metaphor/Analogy category:

    No. I’m Sorry. I Don’t Want to Tour the New Mormon Temple with You

    And under Best Post Title category:

    A Tranny, A Mormon, And A 6’2″ Dyke Walk Into A Bar With A Midget…

  2. Chino Blanco says:

    I nominate RFM for Best Discussion Forum

    I get tired of constantly hearing about Reddit and RFM is one place that I can be sure that *won’t* happen.

    Thank goodness for RFM and good luck!

  3. Donna Banta says:

    Hi chanson, you could take my Romney post out of the funniest humor piece category, so that I only have one entry there. Thanks to Alex for nominating it! If you end up having a political piece category, then maybe it can go there, but I notice that there isn’t one this year.

    But wow! So many great nominations! These awards get more competitive every year, and also more fun. Thanks again for doing this for us.

  4. It’s an honor to be nominated. I thought I was being silly and it wasn’t necessarily my best writing when I wrote the post about questions I’d like to ask the Mormon missionaries.

  5. Debbie says:

    Hello, Not sure how this works, don’t know who’s allowed to make nominations, or if this is the right place. But if it is the right place and if anyone can make a nomination, I’d like to nominate for Best Humor/Satire Site or Blog. I see my favorite post of Donna’s has been nominated. The Mormon Month from Hell. If you haven’t read it, don’t miss it.

  6. chanson says:

    Note to all: Nominations are closed. vote here

  7. Reader says:

    For Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction), I’d like to nominate The Bishop’s Wife by Mette Ivie Harrison, if it is eligible. The published date is December 30, 2014.

  8. Why was mine not included?

    Nominated for Best Humor video, general humor or anything to do with humor.

    Hitler finds out about Joseph Smith’s 40 wives.

  9. chanson says:

    @9 As I said here, you missed the deadline. I would have been very happy to slip your nomination in, but I can’t edit the polls after people have already started voting.

  10. Jodi Janeway says:

    I am definitely bookmarking this website and sharing it with my acquaintances. You will be getting plenty of visitors to your website from me!

  1. January 26, 2015

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