Sunday in Outer Blogness: Cornucopia of scriptures edition!!

The fraud trial of Thomas Monson has begun! Like it or not, I hope you have your popcorn ready!! Looks like the CoJCoL-dS kind of blew it off, banking on the case getting quickly dismissed, but that didn’t happen. It would have been incredible if Monson had gone to court to boldly testify of the truth like the prophets of old, but that didn’t happen either. (Here’s some discussion of the fraudulent claims.)

If you were wondering what Mormons believe, it’s been a great week — we had lessons from practically all of the Mormon scriptures!!

Also-ran gospel topics include speaking in tongues and freedom of religion. (And did the CoJCoL-dS cut the number of service missionaries? Why?)

It looks like the ladies are warming up for another round of trying to attend the priesthood session, and the Bloggernacle is ready for the drama. I wonder what kind of flack women will be getting online for wanting to exercise the LDS priesthood or wearing pants. But, ladies, it’s not the men’s fault if most of God’s messages for you are about what you need to wear, right? Wouldn’t it be fun if LDS men got the same treatment?

It seems that people who are or have been Mormon can’t stop talking about it, but perhaps Mormonism’s story has profound relevance to the modern predicament of religion in the US in general:

Mormons have been where the Christian Right is collectively right now: we staked much of our political and personal identity and capital on a fight over the definition of marriage. We could see we were losing; we retrenched; we lost decisively. We sulked about it for a really long time, and now we just wish the whole sordid past could go away and stop haunting us.

And then we managed not to learn anything from our mistake and did the same basic thing again a century or so later, but this time, we got a whole bunch of other people to join us.

In Mormon life journeys, the “families are forever” doctrine can ironically tear families apart, but it gets better!! When you leave the church, you get to learn some interesting new skills. Mormon X is hesitant to embrace his differences. Adam considered whether his mission was the worst two years of his life. LDS Missionaries need to learn to listen to views they don’t agree with, and so do we all

As usual, some people wrote about topics other than Mormonism, like scientific literacy and climate change and expectations place on teachers — not to mention tasty items like scones and traditional holiday treats in Ireland and India, as well as what this lady is selling, lol!!

Well, this has been an entertaining week in Mormonism!! Now it’s time to get back to my real-life responsibilities like preparing food for a dinner party I’m throwing tonight and making sure the kids did their homework. Happy reading!!


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