Sunday in Outer Blogness: Women’s Session Edition!

This week’s Mormon news of the weird was the confusion over whether the women’s session was an actual session of General Conference. Some GAs said yes, some no, until the invisible hand of correlation swept away the statements it deemed to be wrong.

You might notice that the same logic that the church website oracle uses to override past prophets (to explain the ordination of black men) can also be used to argue for the ordination of women. But beware! Comparing the current CoJCoL-dS (unfavorably) to earlier versions can get you excommunicated, and making the CoJCoL-dS treat you like crap can lead to apostasy.

Also in Utah: you might have heard that a feminist speaker had to cancel a speech after receiving death threats because Utah law doesn’t allow the organizers to keep firearms out of the speaking venue. You don’t have to be Mormon to heap abuse upon women, as “gamergate” and other organizations that theoretically aren’t just for men have recently demonstrated — and keep in mind that gender roles place expectations on men, too.

So how about that new flick “Meet the Mormons“? I bet you loved it, right? Or at least had fun trying to fathom what the CoJCoL-dS was thinking when making that movie. (Is it as bad a this other movie?) Or maybe you’d like to meet the real Mormons.

Perhaps the attempts at mainstreaming are a step in the wrong direction, and the Mormons should be allowed to fly their freak flag. Fortunately LDS Inc. has a new partnership in the works that may help. Or you can take one of these helpful quizzes to see where you fit into Mormon history!

In books, check out this AMA with Avi Steinberg. In life journeys, PostMormonGirl is re-learning normal and Monica is analysing her divorce.

Sorry for the lateness of the hour, folks! I was working on two fun (but time-consuming) projects all weekend, and then decided to go to dinner with friends. Happy reading!


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