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From Benson’s crazy commie-hatin’ days, to Paul H. Dunn’s deep diving lies, to little discrepancies in Monson’s talks, this category of posts on my blog, “Exploring Mormonism” reveals how much these men speak as men.

Hopefully the in-depth fact checking of some of the more influential leaders, conference talks, Ensign articles, and so forth will help illustrate that even the very influential statements aren’t inspired, but should be counted about as worthy as any other old man’s advice.

General Authority Bullshit

4 thoughts on “General Authority Bullsh*t: A category on my Blog

  1. So so many examples. Forgive me if you already mentioned this and I missed it. Here’s an example of the serious and destructive behavior of Hugh Nibley and the ritualistic abuse of his daughter Martha Beck. Martha tells her story, which was widely discredited among TBMs, in her book “Leaving the Saints”. I read this book and was shocked at the abuse and then the denial. Crazy! Thanks for shedding a little light in the dark corners of the church pews.

  2. Just Jill, just for the record, Martha Beck’s accusations seem to be based on recovered memories which are not reliable evidence. I don’t know the truth of what happened, but given the evidence it is just as reasonable to believe that Martha suffers from false memory syndrome as to believe that she was sexually abused. I’d prefer to reserve judgement until better evidence comes in.

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