Park Romney’s legal challenge to exmo’s everywhere

I am absolutely convinced that the only thing that stands between the successful prosecution of the leadership of the Mormon Church for fraud and their exposure for blasphemy, is the simple collective united grass roots will of a relatively modest representative number the American people and, particularly of the ex-Mormon community, to support this cause and demand that their public officials attend to this matter. It is highly unlikely that this representative critical mass of support will be accomplished until after such time as a smaller group demonstrates their intent and resolve through a civil action against the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I support such a civil action, as a starting point and invite ex-Mormons everywhere to join me in speaking up in support of Mormon accountability and the prosecution of religious fraud.

Can we unite to form a civil lawsuit?  How many laywers are exmos and would be willing to help?  Can we get the ACLU in on it?

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  1. chanson says:

    @50 OK, so you are accusing him of giving legal advice on a public forum while pretending to be a lawyer. I will have to look up what the laws are on that point since I’m not a lawyer myself.

  2. Park_Romney says:

    Here’s a follow-up article related to the general topic you might enjoy…

    The Great Lie

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