Don’t Lie to Letterman, McCain


From Andrew:
“You may get away with lying to the rest of us, but this man is powerful enough to expose you – and ridicule you. Here’s another surreal moment in a campaign where pop cultural figures are standing up to raw lies and power as effectively as the MSM. More effectively, in fact:”

6 thoughts on “Don’t Lie to Letterman, McCain

  1. He’s panicking.

    He realises his VP pick is going to cost him the election (even more so than before), he won’t let her talk to anyone in the media, he’s afraid to be interviewed himself in a setting where he can’t control the interview, so he makes up a panicked, transparent lie.

  2. Sen. Reid apparently called on both candidates to stay out of it and let Congress do its job without turning this into a big Presidential photo-op.

  3. And now the entire negotiation has apparently blown up as both sides got sidetracked with posturing for the upcoming presidential election.

    Nice going John.

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