Sunday in Outer Blogness: Exotic Edition!

Sunday in Outer Blogness

Ladies and germs, I am so close to having all the boxes cleared out of my new apartment, I can just feel it!! But you know what that means! Getting so excited about sorting these boxes and getting them the ** out of my living space kinda cuts into my Internet time!! So let’s make this one a quick one. (related: If you need any still-good-junk: car seats, Ikea furniture, etc. — totally come to my place!)

Here’s a great challenge for Lent: try living without a car!! Aside from three months back in the US, we’ve been car-free for 12 years and counting — and loving it!! But don’t forget to travel anyway — this cartoon is great!

In other diversity-news, the film Lincoln inspires some reflection on the freedom to oppress. And whom might you want to oppress? A popular modern choice would be the gay. Despite all these heartwarming (or not) stories. At least being gay is OK in a fictional story.

This weeks big controversy — breastfeeding!!! damned if you do damned if you don’t!! (Simplest solution, clearly, is to avoid being a woman.)

There was also a lot of interesting number-crunching on the influx of new missionaries! Personally, I’m just wishing to see the musical! (In the meantime, here‘s a new hymn and an amusing infographic.) Meanwhile, the faithful are still battling with correlation and the eternal question of who’s an “anti-Mormon”?

Then there were some historically influential books, a journey to atheism, and perspectives on banning sexually explicit entertainment.

I hope that (like me!) you’ve been having a productive week, and feel free to relax and check out these fascinating discussions! 😀

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  1. @1 back to Minnesota? No. I just moved to a different apartment in Zurich. So I imagine it’s a little far for most people reading this to come here and take some of my junk off my hands, but if anyone’s up to it please come! You can stay in our fabulous new Lego-themed guestroom! 😀

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