Ex-Mormon Finds Joy And Happiness In Gay Relationship


I was a Mormon for 50 years and after being excommunicated twice for being gay, I left the church and found happiness with my boyfriend Cody (nickname). I have been in this relationship for over 2 years now, and it has brought me much joy and fulfillment and has erased my depression, which the LDS Church was never able to do, to the extent that is now my pleasure to enjoy. I will be talking about gay marriage, and why I believe it should be legal. [For information on my experience with the Mormon Church and their rejection of me, See my other Post: “Gay Man Is Excommunicated Twice For Being Homosexual” on this website].

A little bit about myself: I am Caucasian with some American Indian, I have sky blue eyes, brown hair, and I am over weight, disabled, 51 years old, 6 feet tall and I am not rich or famous. I am from California where I grew up for 34 years mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I was born in Kentucky. I have 17 years of education and I am a Leo. I am very talented and have many skills and I am artistic, social, realistic, practical and responsible.

A little bit about Cody: He is American Indian and Irish, has brown eyes, black hair, is very slender, disabled, 21 years old, 5 feet and 6 inches tall and is not rich but wants to be famous, he is a singer & song writer. He is from Oklahoma, born and raised. He is a high school graduate and is a Gemini. He is talented and artistic, social, personable, honorable and silly.

A little bit about us: We have an amazing relationship, we are both very happy and in love with each other. We have both religious backgrounds (I am Ex-Mormon and Cody is a member of the Church of Christ), we have much in common, and we both believe in, and want a gay marriage together. We are both former Republicans, but now we are both Democrats. We are both very gay and out of the closet. We both love Gay Theme movies and Jesse Archer and we love horror movies and science fiction. We absolutely love and adore music, Madonna, chocolate, children, fashion clothing, Leonardo DiCaprio, the movie “Titanic,” God and the USA. Both of us are honest, loving, playful, romantic, understanding, imperfect, loyal, monogamous and crazy about each other. We are not judgmental, prejudice, violent, radical, hurtful, straight, evil or unrepentant.

Why we are together: We love and care for each other. I am attracted to beautiful young men that are comfortable with their homosexuality and most importantly that are truly in love with me. Cody was looking for an older more mature man who could give him experience, protection and love. Cody also likes big men and I qualify. I wanted someone to help with accepting themselves as homosexual, and Cody needs this help in his life. We each teach each other different life coping skills, and we are completely supportive of one another. We can comfort one another very well; and we give each other the strength to combat the hate monger’s and the bible-bashers as well as the religious extreme right. We support gay rights and especially gay’s right to marry.

What we hope to accomplish together: An eternal bond and friendship as well as eternal love. We want to get married and make marriage legal for all LGBTQ (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender and Questioning) people. We want to help all gays and those in a position to support or influence gays, to have a greater understanding of what it is like to be gay and to know that gay people are born this way and they cannot change and to try and do so will only cause them harm and heartache. To make this world a safer place for all gays, LGBTQ and their families and that all the animosity, hatred, abuse, neglect, murder, prejudice and mistreatment toward them, should come to a swift and conclusively, permanent end. And to do all we can to insure that those who do harm in any way LGBTQ people, be appropriately punished and that they truly change how they treat the LGBTQ children and adults, with their families, friends, supporters, affirmers and loved ones. To quite simply, make this a better world than the one we came into, for all human beings, wherever they may reside in this world or whatever their economic ability, social status, their influence and/or background may be. And to change our ability to create peace and harmony with all our enemies and non-supporters of LGBTQ people and their families and friends in a spirit of love, compassion, persuasiveness and long suffering.

Who we and the LGBTQ community are: We are your sons, your daughters, your fathers, your mothers, your siblings, your aunts, your uncles, your human family, your brothers in the Lord, your sisters in the Lord, your grandfathers, your grandmothers, your neighbors, your friends, your friends of a friend, your nephews, your nieces, your cousins, your second cousins, your friends of the family, your pastors, your bishops, your ministers, your church leaders, your best friends, your loved ones, your grandchildren, your children of someone else’s, your doctors, your teachers, your bus drivers, your hair salon stylists (just had to go there), your next door neighbors, your celebrities, your coworkers, your favorite musicians, your favorite actors, your people who you admire the most, your best buddies, your best crushes, your pen pals, the objects of your affection, your favorite people, your church members, your classmates, your babysitters, your pupils, your peers, your ancestors, your Heavenly Father’s children and one out of ten times, it is yourself; this is truthfully who we really are, exactly.

What we want and long for: Your respect, love, friendship, patience, understanding, support and kindness. We want equality under the law, all the rights, privileges, and blessings of holy matrimony. We long for children, families of our own and fair treatment from others.

How we will do these things: With love unfeigned and nonviolent protests, political activism, kindness, gentleness, meekness, hard work, persuasiveness and God’s help.

We know without a doubt that: We were born gay, did not choose to be gay, and did not want to be gay originally, that God, our parents, and we ourselves are not to blame for our homosexuality. We also know that we cannot change who we are, there is no cure and doesn’t need to be one either. That we are loved by God just the way that we are and that we are legitimate people.

We want all people to know: All of these things above, and that we will have our freedoms and gay marriage, and civil rights, and acceptance in the Christian and secular world.

LOL (Lots Of Love), Robin Lee Johnson and George Allen Circle (our real names), January, 1st 2013. Happy New Year!

Robin Johnson

I am Gay and Ex-Mormon, 51 years old, White and Indian, and I have blue eyes, brown hair and I am 6 feet tall and I am Loving, kind and compassionate. I am interested in helping other same-sex-attracted Mormons and Ex-Mormons deal with this issue and to be a support to them, and lend advice to anyone that seeks after it. I also wish to create a greater understanding of these issues for straights and gays, Mormon or not, so that we all may show greater Love to one another and be willing to bear one another's burdens that they may be light. My goal is to stop the bullying and hatred on one side of these issues and the suicide and self-loathing of individuals on the other side of these issues. Hopefully this will cause there to be more Peace, Love and reconciliation between gays and non-gays and also between Mormons, Ex-Mormons and Non-Mormons alike.

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