Mormons love pseudo prostitution?

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City Weekly SLC has a great story on the sugar daddy phenomenon and how popular it is in Utah. While Utah isn’t #1 in most categories, it ranks in the top 20 on several. Interestingly, lots of the sugar babies are Mormon – 71% of the users in Utah are Mormon.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning these types of relationships. Ethically, they are a bit murky for me and a discussion of the ethics would be fun. But I can’t see any reasonable scenarios in which this falls within the moral codes outlined in Mormonism.

So, what gives? Am I just so naive I actually still believe most Mormons live their religion?

2 thoughts on “Mormons love pseudo prostitution?

  1. Think they can enter the priesthood without getting their hand moistened? Or any other body part? I don’t see a problem with the sugar daddy/baby set-up. Quid pro quo! There isn’t a religion that isn’t shrouded in hypocrisy. So why would anyone expect LDS to be any better. They don’t strap bombs to their bodies and they don’t crash trucks filled with oxy acetylene and semtex into our buildings. So if a wealthy fellow wants to help a young lady in distress then go for it.

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