Sunday in Outer Blogness: Skipping Conference Edition!

So, who listened to General Conference this (past) weekend? Did you have to sit through it with LDS family members and think about what they’re learning? I hear the high point was a celebrity in the choir (and ladies’ favorite apostle). If you skipped it, it’s not hard to guess what was said — often it’s not pretty.

On the political scene, Romney is caught being his rich self, and his Mormonism isn’t helping with some voters. The BBC documentary on Mitt’s Mormonism has led to discussion of Jeffrey Holland and the strengthening the members committee, plus the church’s reaction (Elder Holland can make good on his promise to meet with ex-Mormons right here).

There are some interesting series going on at the moment: Dad’s Primal Scream is recounting his path out of the church, and Laura is documenting her journey to atheism.

The LDS priesthood: It excludes people, but is the exclusiveness what makes it so awesome? After all, it allows a 12-year-old to preside over his mom. Meanwhile, the women are going on with their lives, forging relationships and sisterhood. The gay community also offers mutual support.

In other discussion topics, Andrew thinks it’s strange for an atheist to like fantasy. What do you think of The Hunger Games? An anonymous Mormon secretly hates Salt Lake City. What’s allowed at a Mormon funeral? What don’t you miss from Mormonism? How does leaving the church affect your morals?

In slices of life, Sulli received an email that starts with I hope this does not make you angry or insult you, Leia witnessed a miracle, and Froggy is making green smoothies,

Whether you listened to Conference or not, I hope you had a great weekend!!


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2 Responses

  1. Chino Blanco says:

    This straight atheist is pleased to learn that the LDS leadership is apparently done with ganging up on gay kids, women, and other assorted undesirables. To the extent that they’ve now made the coming year all about confronting “secularism” I welcome their renewed efforts. Hopefully, it will mean fresh pics of Quentin Cook hanging out with well-intentioned Christian felons like Chuck Colson.

  2. chanson says:

    But what about the atheist kids?!

    Actually, it’s probably better that they go after the atheist kids than the gay kids since the atheist kids are the ones who already know that the negative messages they get from the church are a bunch of BS.

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