Sunday in Outer Blogness: Out of Control Edition!

Yep, the Mormon Moment is out of control. No matter how many times the LDS Newsroom answers the questions people should have asked (well, sort of), people keep asking (and answering) their own questions about Mormonism! Holding the church up to too high a standard! And unauthorized people (even professors) claim to speak from a Mormon perspective as well! Plus, hilarious parodies!! It’s madness!!

There were a number of discussions of the psychological effects of Mormonism: guilt, shame, imaging the you’re Superman, Twilight, thinking it’s reasonable to steal from libraries, risks and consequences of leaving and of staying when you don’t really like it (prepare to have your testimony questioned). Plus, some explanation of disbelief — and thought-provoking alternative beliefs. Also, Mormonism isn’t the only cause of personal angst. For Andrew’s Abandoning Truth for Facts post, I’ll post my response here since I can’t comment there anymore:

It’s possible that the word “true” is especially problematic for Mormon Borderlanders, because everybody “knows the church is true”, yet, some of it’s claims aren’t necessarily factually accurate, so “true” must mean something else…

In scenes from the culture wars, the GOP is throwing education under the bus. (Too bad these exmos aren’t running for office.) Oh, and they’re in your vagina, too (h/t) — as bad as the church — but I guess that’s not news. Here’s some history of gender identity and personal consequences. Now women are “negging” too — is that progress? (Why doesn’t the political news cover other important stuff?)

So, who here attended the latest Sunstone? Will you be joining me at the Symposium this Summer? And don’t forget: you have until the 21st to vote for X-Mormon of the Year if you haven’t already — for the moment Joanna Brooks and John Dehlin are neck-and-neck!

Have a great week! 😀


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