Last Call for 2011 Brodies Nominations!!

Don’t worry, you still have time — it will take me until Wednesday at the very earliest (and probably longer than that) to prepare the polls. And you can keep adding nominations until then.

Here’s the current list, including my nominations. I have made a very serious effort not to swamp it this year with my own nominations, but Brodies time is, like, better than Christmas for me. As I review the past year’s posts, I keep thinking: OMG, I remember this one — it’s fantastic!!! I had eight times as many posts that I wanted to nominate than I actually nominated. So I’d like everyone to take a moment to appreciate my awesome restraint (not to mention my awesome speed-reading skillz). Then have a look at the nominations as they stand, and get ready to add all your faves that I somehow missed…

Year-long awards for people and websites:

Best New Blog

Best Discussion Forum

Best Humor/Satire Site or Blog

Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog

Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel/Series

Best LDS-Interest Photo Blog

Awards for Individual Works:

Best Book-Length Memoirs

Funniest Humor Piece

Most Amusing Vignette or Personal Anecdote

Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image

Best Poem

Most Poignant Personal Story

Best Deconversion/Exit Story

Best Life Beyond Mormonism Post

Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction

Best Chat with the Bishop, Mishies, or Other Church Leaders

Best News Reporting

Best LDS Church Watch

Best LDS-Related Political Commentary

Best Post Title

Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion

Most Insightful Discussion of Mormon Beliefs, Practices, and Culture

Best Response to Apologetics

Best Religion-and-Gender Discussion

Best Religion-and-Homosexuality Discussion

Best Religion-and-Race Discussion

Best Religion-and-Parenting Discussion

Best Erotic or Sexual Piece

Best History Piece

Best Science Piece

Best Review

Let’s see what you have to add! 😀


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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33 Responses

  1. Tom Jenson says:

    I’d like to nominate my own site for Best New Blog:

    I’d also like to nominate my article “Life After Death” for Most Poignant Personal Story:


  2. chanson says:

    Tom — Cool, absolutely!! Another blog for Outer Blogness!

  3. Andrew S. says:

    Mormon Expression Podcast should be in Best LDS Interest Audio Series.

    Or at the very least, Mormon Expression Voices.

    Heck, since ME voices started in 2011, it could also be a new blog if that works for you 😉

  4. chanson says:

    Sure, why not?

  5. Kiley says:

    I have a few more and probably keep adding some until you close it…

    Best poem Steph Peacewriter :

    Most Insightful Commentary on Mormonism Letter of apology Tom Peacewriter :

  6. Donna Banta says:

    How about this one for Best News Reporting. It’s from Ahab at Republic of Gilead:

  7. Kiley says:

    I don’t know if you will let this one fly…

    Best New Blog for 2011

    (They had five posts in December of 2010… BUT 2011 they took off…)

  8. Elise says:

    Best Forum / Discussion group:

    New Order Mormon

  9. Runtu says:

    New Order Mormon ( ought to be nominated for best discussion forum.

  10. Donna Banta says:

    Oops, I also meant to say, thanks for the shout-outs, Chanson.

  11. Would like to nominate my review of the BOM Musica under Best Review:
    The Book of Mormon Musical and Me

    Most insightful discussion of Mormon culture
    Cognitive Dissenter
    No one is Perfect

    Best Post Title
    Oops! Your deity is showing.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Best Post Title:
    I hate labels, but how else do I explain it? Only a Little Sugar Coated

  13. TGD says:

    This one was popular at some point. Not sure where it fits.

  14. chanson says:

    Excellent, great choices!!

    TGD @14 — I think it should go in the “Life Journey” category.

    Kiley @8 — Yeah, we might as well allow it, otherwise blogs that start in December would never have a shot at “Best New Blog”. Let that be a lesson though — if you’re thinking of starting a new blog, the best time is January, February, or March. 😉

  15. Carson N says:

    I don’t know where this would fit either, but people seemed to like it:

    Carson’s Guide to Keeping Your Testimony

  16. chanson says:

    Carson — Ha ha, that one was on my “to nominate” list (like some other posts that other people nominated), but I rejected it because I couldn’t think where to put it.

    However, I think we can find a spot for it. I’m kind of thinking of reorganizing/redefining the categories regarding philosophy, Mormon beliefs, apologetics, and community in order to organize the nominations better. I think the categories should be chosen anew each year, based on which topics generated the most interesting posts.

  17. Donna Banta says:

    Out of the goodness of my heart, I’d like to flesh out that Most Amusing Personal Anectdote category. This might fit:

    Much of it is review, but it is also about a very fun party we had at our house.

  18. chanson says:

    lol, thanks Donna!! And to the rest of y’all — please try to be as helpful! 😀

  19. kuri says:

    For Best Deconversion/Exit Story:

    In and Out of the LDS Orifice

  20. chanson says:

    @20 That’s a great one! Actually, TGD already nominated it. 😉

  21. Zena says:

    Thanks to whoever nominated me for Best Erotic or Sexual piece! I’m stunned to be listed next to those incredible and talented writers.

  22. jen says:

    I left a comment that seems to be stuck in the spam filter…

  23. kuri says:

    Hey, would it be possible to consolidate my two “Understanding Biblical Parables” posts under Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion into a single entry? I’m already running against myself in the Humor category; I don’t want to do it twice!

  24. chanson says:

    Great minds think alike! Funny thing is I was already planning to group the “Understanding Biblical Parables” posts into one series-type entry for the exact reason you cite. 😉

  25. Jon Adams says:

    I’m sorry if it’s too late to nominate, but I’d like to recommend just one more: my SHAFT piece (or you could use MSP as the host site, as I posted it there too) “In defense of religious brainwashing”. It received a lot of discussion last year, and I’d like to submit it under “Best Theological/Philosophical Discussion”.

    And many thanks for nominating other SHAFT posts!

    Best of luck, everyone. There are a lot of phenomenal posts represented here.

  26. chanson says:

    Jon — sure, no problem! The nominations are still open until tomorrow (and maybe longer, depending on how long it takes me to prepare the polls).

    Jen — Thanks for your nominations as well!

  27. kuri says:

    Sorry, one more request: could “Discussing potato chips with your son-in-law” be moved from “Humor” to “Best Religion-and-Parenting Discussion”? (My posts are like my children; I hate to see them competing directly against each other. 😉 )

  28. chanson says:

    Kuri @32 — yeah, I know how that goes. I’m also trying to figure out how to recategorize Alan Rock Waterman’s posts so they don’t have to compete against each other…

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