Sunday in Outer Blogness: Winners Edition!

As you probably know, the Book of Mormon (the musical) won nine Tony awards, including Best Musical! Even the faithful Mormons are excited about it — though they can’t quite decide whether to feel proud or indignant (so some go with both). Suddenly, they’re interested in tolerance. Anyway, the CoJCoL-dS isn’t going to let this kind of free publicity go to waste (though they wish they had more control over the information flow). Even the Community of Christ is wondering how to get in on the action, and atheists are wondering why Mormons are better represented, politically.

The next theme that jumped out was that the women refused to be silent, asexual, docile, and invisible this week!! Not happy to have to dress for the comfort of straight men! Coincidentally, in some parts of the world it’s Fathers’ Day. And — speaking of families — there was some news on the marriage question.

After that, there was a huge sub-theme about philosophy and theology. My discussion of faith was just one part of it (and, BTW, please tell me which of my 20 statements are “faith” if you haven’t already!). But people were also trying to pin down “the spirit”, and — while we’re at it — what about the logic of the atonement and free will? On the flip side, the atheists love logic and the scientific method — yet some scientists still can’t resist the temptation to come up with questionable theories about the evolution of their penises.

In history, read about the evolution from trinity to godhead, Adamic language, more on the Book of Abraham, Mormons vs. slavery, and Mormon theater!

In politics, religious folks would like exemptions to laws protecting children — is that even news? In related news, Michelle Bachmann is busy scaring people, and SLC is being gerrymandered out of the picture.

And so many stories of coming out, moving on, and of finding acceptance. Not to mention some great testimonies! And I found this great blog in Portuguese for Brazilian exmos!

Have a Happy Fathers’ Day and a great week!


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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  1. Alan says:

    Also in marriage news, a lot of people talk about how if the Church really wants to “protect marriage” then it should push to outlaw divorce. Well, divorce actually is illegal in the Philippines and when people, such as women politicians there, push for legal divorce for Filipinas “trapped in abusive and unhealthy relationships,” others (usually of a Catholic ilk) say, “Lawful divorce?! What’s next? Same-sex marriage?!”

  2. chanson says:

    Good point — the battle to allow legal divorce has historically been very similar to the fight for gay marriage, and it’s not as completely won as many people think…

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