Collecting Nominations for the 2010 Brodies!!!

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Yes, it’s that time of year again!! Time to recognize the best LDS-interest sites and material posted to the Internet in the past year!!! Look here for last year’s winners — and if you didn’t win last year, this year it could be you!! (Actually, even if you did win last year, you might win again.)

Now, I’d like to start off with a list of suggested categories. This is to simplify the nomination process, but you can also write in new categories if you think I’ve missed any. To be included in the voting, a category must have at least three nominations total (and at least two people must submit nominations for the category). Like last year, it is OK to nominate your own site/post, but please, only suggest categories people would want to win (eg. no “biggest jerk”, etc.). Here we go!

  • Best LDS-Interest Site on the Internet
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Discussion Forum
  • Best Static Site on LDS Issues
  • Best YouTube Channel
  • Best Individual Video
  • Best LDS-Interest Podcast
  • Best Faithful Mormon Blog
  • Best Humor Site
  • Most Humorous Post
  • Best Philosophical/Religious Post
  • Best Political Post
  • Best LDS Church Watch
  • Best Intrepid Reporting
  • Best “Life Beyond Mormonism” Post
  • Best Deconversion/Exit Story
  • Most Poignant Personal Story
  • Best Bridge-Building
  • Best Book Review
  • Best Response to Apologetics
  • Best Post Title
  • Best Gender/Orientation Discussion
  • Randomest Threadjack
  • Best Comment
  • Other ideas?


  • Best Blog
  • Best Historical Post
  • Best Science Post

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!! 😀

63 thoughts on “Collecting Nominations for the 2010 Brodies!!!

  1. More specific nominations . . .

    Best LDS-Interest Site on the Internet:
    Best New Blog: Eliza R. Snitch
    Best Humour Site: Eliza R. Snitch
    Most Humorous Post: “TBM Gift Guide”
    “LDS Leader Look-a-Likes”
    Best Philosophical/Religious Post “Benson’s 14 Fundamentals and Modern Mormonism”
    Best Intrepid Reporting: “BYU Censors letter to the editor critical of Prop 8”
    Best Life Beyond Mormonism Post: “A Cubic Zirconia Life”
    Best Individual Video: “I Wear a Rainbow Pin”
    Most Poignant Personal Story: “Letters to God: Could a Woman be a Saviour?”

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