Technical Difficulties in Outer Blogness!


As you may have noticed, the service that was hosting the Outer Blogness sidebar widget has vanished in a puff of smoke. Mojoey’s Atheist Blogroll was using the same service, and has plans for something new. We’ll probably use whatever service he finds (or founds), but that solution isn’t coming any time soon.

In the meantime, if you have the Blogrolling code for Outer Blogness on your blog somewhere, please remove it and just link to Main Street Plaza instead — since the whole “Outer Blogness” blogroll is here. I’d kind of like to offer a button graphic that people (who are kind enough to link to us) can put in their sidebars like Mojoey did, but I’d like to get some feedback from the community here about what it should look like… 😀

15 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties in Outer Blogness!

  1. Here are some badges for your consideration.

    120 x 60:

    Outer Blogness bloggers can either right click and “Save as…” and place the images themselves, or they are welcome to simply use the images that are already hosted here (just use the below code as your img src):

    Light Blue:
    Original Blue:

    100 x 100:

    Light Blue:
    Original Blue:

    If anyone needs custom badge sizes, just let me know, and I’ll generate on my side (or send you the PSD file with layers and you can DIY). Cheers!

  2. As someone living in the twin cities, I find MSP to be a confusing acronym when related to anything besides, well, besides the twin cities – Minneapolis/St. Paul. Our airport is MSP. 😀

  3. Ren — I’m from the twin cities too, so I know how you feel. Trouble is, there are only 17,576 three-letter acronyms possible (and some have too many q’s and x’s), so there are bound to be collisions. Getting our blog confused with the “Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport” isn’t nearly as bad as what happened with the acronym of the “New Order Mormons”. 😉

  4. I’m just returning to report that r/exmormon now has an Outer Blogness badge on its sidebar that links to MSP. Thanks, Measure!

    Should the “Post-Mormon Blogroll” header be changed to “Outer Blogness”? I’m afraid folks are going to click through and wonder where to find Outer Blogness.

  5. I should have clarified — this has been for more than just the past couple of days. I just haven’t said anything about it before, because my computer was having problems as well, so I had to sort out the blame before I started pointing fingers LOL. 😀

  6. Chanson – The dynamic blogrolls combined with the flash in the masthead are slowing down my experience as well. If it’s not just me and Wry experiencing slow loading, we might need to talk about moving some elements off the front page.

  7. For me, the masthead isn’t a problem (and the variety is so amusing!). As for the blogs, they take a while for me, but the other stuff loads first, so it’s not that big a problem.

    That said, we can definitely discuss moving the blogrolls to a separate page if they’re slowing the day-to-day discussion down for everyone.

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