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PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A senior at BYU who is studying to be a doctor finds himself in the middle of the heated debate over same sex marriage and California’s Proposition 8.

The Daily Universe & Censorship.

Cary Crall and Morris Thurston on Proposition 8 and BYU Censorship.

At BYU, now you see it, now you dont.

4 thoughts on “Even Australia

  1. I’m glad this incident is getting so much attention. BYU deserves to be ridiculed and seen as the backwards, authoritarian, McCarthyist place it truly is.

  2. “Even Australia,” lol.

    As far as I can gather, this started when one of the lawyers that defended Prop 8 gave a presentation at BYU and gave nothing but hypocritical and stumbling answers to students’ probing questions. For example, “How does same-sex marriage hurt opposite sex marriage?” When he said it doesn’t, a lot of people in the room were shocked. Also, I guess a question was asked about gay couples rearing children (and I guess it’s known even among BYU students that the children turn out fine) — doesn’t it hurt the children if the parents can’t be married? Yeah, but the guy ranted in a different direction.

    So, I gather that the editorial was a follow-up to this bumbling presentation. It probably wasn’t the just the student speaking on his own, but on behalf other other students’ sentiments, too. When people actually go read Judge Walker’s decision, a lot of things click for them. Yes, it sounds reductive to say “Mormons supported Prop 8 because their prophet told them to,” but if you believe in a separation of church and state (which most Mormons do, is my understanding), and non-religious arguments that you thought were accurate you come to find out hold no water, then what else are you supposed to deduce?

  3. I’m actually enjoying this whole thing… When I posted something against prop 8 on Facebook 2 years ago, a family member got really upset with me. I then asked her reasoning, stating that I felt that the decision should entail more than simply following the prophet. She got terribly offended that I would insinuate that she was simply following the prophet like a blind sheep and began several posts of completely useless and irrational arguments. Eventually it boiled down to her telling me that I had made covenants in the temple, and that I was obligated to follow them… OK Then!!

  4. Okay, maybe i need to write about this cause i know Cary, or at least know some of his friends and have met him and talked to him on a few occasions. I love that this is exploding.

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