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Click here. These were great questions that were tough to answer. *wipes brow*

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  1. Chino Blanco says:

    What chanson said. Well done.

    That said, this sentence left this Neanderthal scratching his head:

    The motivations for wanting and having sex are often complex.

  2. Alan says:

    Some reasons for having sex:

    * Physical reasons such as to reduce stress (It seemed like good exercise), feel pleasure (Its exciting), improve or expand experiences (I was curious about sex), and the physical desirability of their partner (The person was a good dancer).
    * Goal-based reasons, including utilitarian or practical considerations (I wanted to have a baby), social status (I wanted to be popular) and revenge (I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease).
    * Emotional reasons such as love and commitment (I wanted to feel connected) and expression (I wanted to say thank you).
    * Insecurity-based reasons, including self-esteem (I wanted the attention), a feeling of duty or pressure (My partner kept insisting) and to guard a mate (I wanted to keep my partner from straying).

    This is not to mention when these reasons overlap…or cancel each other out and sex is still had. =p

  3. Chino Blanco says:

    I stand corrected 😉

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