5 thoughts on “My Name is Chad Hardy, and I’m an ex Mormon

  1. Fantastic!!!

    I love the way Chad Hardy explains how his calendar had some of the same goals as the new PR campaign!

    Holly really hit it on the nose too! Correlation is really the key to understanding the new PR campaign (and all of the discussion around it), and Holly gives a concise and readable explanation that will certainly help “nevermos” make sense of this. Plus, her closing analogy is apt — a good one to share with members who can’t figure out why anyone would criticize the campaign.

  2. QFT from comments over at Holly’s HuffPo post:

    I have discovered something interesting while reading through all these comments. Do you notice that the ONLY people commenting here that believe the Mormons have a good or positive image in the rest of the world … are the Mormons?

    Memo to HuffPo’s Mormon commenters: Your own LDS pollster told Deseret News the exact same thing: “We tend to think people … respect what we Mormons are trying to do. Baloney. They don’t.”

    They don’t. In fact, Gary Lawrence has talked about other polling he’s done that compares how various religious groups view themselves and contrasts that with how outsiders view those same groups. Guess which group shows the largest discrepancy between inside vs outside perception?

    As it turns out, not only are Mormons the only group in America that loves Mormons, it’s a head-over-heels, totally oblivious, borderline exhibitionist, PDA-anywhere, passersby-roll-their-eyes kind of love.

    This new ad campaign is scheduled to run for several more months, but I have to wonder how much longer it can go on before the rest of the country rises up with one voice to beg the Mormons: “Get a room.”

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