Hi, my name is Rock, and yep, I’m a Mormon

The first spoof of that Hi, I’m Josh, I am a follower of Jesus Christ so yep, I’m a Mormon ad:

Who knew so many Mormons were into parkour? Just like me! Awesome.

Judges, please turn in your score cards below.

And for those just tuning in, this national news report will bring you up-to-speed on the new Mormon ad campaign that’s sweeping the country (and spawning a torrent of parody YouTube clips):

And a random regional news report provides some local flavor. Apparently, in some places, the new Mormon normal is still a lot like the old Mormon normal (but now with motorcycles!):

So many Mormon bikers. Who knew?

Now if only the LDS could produce an ad with a Mormon cowboy.

I always wanted to be a cowboy.

Chino Blanco

--- We are men of action, lies do not become us. ---

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24 Responses

  1. Andrew S says:

    Rock seems a little rough around the edges, but his video was rock solid, really concrete and down to earth, you know? I appreciate that he doesn’t live a sedimentary life.

  2. Urban Koda says:


  3. chanson says:

    John Dehlin did a good job, but it’s hard to compete against that rock…

  4. Chino Blanco says:

    John Dehlin did great. What a pity so many of his co-religionists are mopes.

  5. finally, other rock who’s into porn and parkour. i guess this is what it feels like when doves cry.

  6. I’ve created my own response, an attempt to help the Mormons seem normal and mainstream.


  7. Lisa says:

    I love the last video, where the old dude/bishop/whatever says “And I’m a Mormon!”

    like he can’t even believe it.

  8. chanson says:

    Poor John Dehlin — he can’t win!!

    I only read the first twenty or so comments inked @4, but I see a lot of people complaining that John might have implied that the ad campaign is deceptive. Fewer seem concerned about whether Dehlin may have a legitimate point. The hostile pile-up he received says a lot about “the average Mormon” and how OK it really is [not] to be a little outside the mainstream…

    Chino — great point (over there) about the “angry Mormon perspective” getting ignored by the media. 😉

  9. Chino Blanco says:

    Well, you’ve done yourself a real disservice there, chanson. You should’ve skipped to the last twenty or so comments. 😉

  10. chanson says:

    Curse you Chino — Because of your temptation, I spent an hour of my vacation sitting in a dank basement reading that whole thread.

    Comment highlights: I really liked Josh @27, and Ms. Jack @128.

    It was also fun when the author of the thread came back with this:

    A few DAMU d-bags rushing in to gleefully call the church and the campaign a big lie

    So he comes out swinging (at John) with a huge chip on his shoulder, but it’s somehow the fault of the “DAMU douchebags” that the discussion turned into a total circus. Of the ancient Roman variety. 😉

    people who dont know much about Mormonism are just going to be baffled by the ads and wonder why are you telling me this?

    That @51 is an excellent point!! (Echoed by Barry @96)

    It reminds me of something I saw at a market where I like to shop. They have a refrigerator section full of sushi, and by the sushi is a big sign advertising that it’s “daily fresh.” It leaves me going “It’s sushi — it sure as hell better be ‘daily fresh’!! The fact that you think it’s necessary to announce something that should normally go without saying is actually a bit of a red flag….”

    (Then I tried it, and it was awful.)

  11. Chino Blanco says:

    Geoff J. Pwned. What’s not to like?

  12. Andrew S says:

    i’m just (dis)appointed that the thread didn’t hit 300.

    It could’ve done so, if Geoff hadn’t gotten so “bored” of the thread that his finger accidentally slipped and closed the commenting.

  13. chanson says:

    lol, I should have guessed that was going to happen. I was thinking of commenting, but I guess not anymore…

  14. wry says:

    That rock ad is awesome, and the first comment made me LOLohell.

    That Dehlin thread at nacle times is the worst kind of nacle jerk. Yeesh.

  15. hjhj says:

    I don’t understand why you are attacking these adverts. I’m not saying this as some kind of Mobot response, but because I think that they’re one of the most positive things to happen since the 1970s, and will have a knock on effect on the church in general.

    Some of us are a bit different you know. I hang out frequently with gay people, non-church members, see arthouse films, read all kinds of novels, love mountain biking and playing sport etc My musical interests are more punk, metal, grunge etc than hymns and I don’t have a problem with people getting tattoos or piercings. I don’t like wearing a white shirt, or total conformity. I’m also on the left politically and don’t support the Afghan war and nuclear weapons. I stay in the church because there is actually some stuff I enjoy, I find sacrament meeting in my ward inspiring and enjoy the social side too. My point is that we do exist, and not just in these adverts.

    If you’re going to go for anything go for the bad stuff, not this. The ads are actually a massive step forwards.

  16. chanson says:

    hjhj — Thanks for your perspective. I (and I assume most here) would agree with you that it’s a step forward in terms of the church embracing diversity. Please review John Dehlin’s remarks in video #2 — it’s great if this is aspirational, eg. if it’s really a sign that people who don’t fit the stereotypical mold will start to be welcomed into leadership positions in the church.

    Also, for a more complete picture of what all of the complaints (and responses) are, please go read all of the comments in the thread that Chino linked @4. That thread covers all the bases of opinion.

  17. chanson says:

    p.s. I don’t think “attacking” is really the word you’re looking for. “Criticizing” would be more accurate. You want to see “attacking”, go read the pile-up on John Dehlin I mentioned (linked @4).

  18. Chino Blanco says:

    New Mormon Ad Campaign: LDS sizzle fizzles in the Morridor (spoiler alert: this Idaho news report blows … Rated DAMMO for diehard anti-Mormon masochists only):

  19. chanson says:

    In what way does it fizzle? All the Idaho folks liked it, according to the report…

  20. hjhj says:

    For what it’s worth I agree with John Dehlin on many things. I think the church stance towards homosexuality needs to be changed. I myself was inactive for many years, because I felt I didn’t really fit in. However, my experience since coming back has been mostly positive, and some good changes have happened. With luck, the old attitude towards gays will go the way of the priesthood ban.

  21. hjhj says:

    My own PS 🙂 – “I dont think attacking is really the word youre looking for. Criticizing would be more accurate” – No I definitely see this as attacking in the main, because it’s one sided and people are only seeing it as window dressing. What if the church is genuinely moving forward in this regard? On another point Dehlin’s made in the past, I think it is good if progressive members – or better still “characters” – stay in the church. Otherwise it’s just going to remain a reactionary force. I think we should go for the bad aspects of the church, rather than the good ones…

  22. chanson says:

    @20 — Cool, that’s great. We’re always happy to meet people who aren’t narrow (so to speak) on all sides of the belief spectrum.

    @21 — Was my comment unclear? I thought I said that, like you, I agree with Dehlin.

    Regarding whether or not this is an “attack”: The thing is that we’re sincerely very happy to have LDS believers like you come here and have a civil two-way conversation with us. Feeding this sort of “You guys are the meanies!” “No, you guys are the meanies!” “No, you guys are the meanies!” debate is so, so, so, so not helpful. Even if you believe it. We want to have a civil discussion here, even if we don’t succeed 100% of the time. You can help be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

  23. John says:

    Unfortunately, I see the guy who did the Rock spoof also does one about a child molester. All I can say is “yuck”. 🙁

  24. hjhj says:

    Well, I’m “kind of a believer”. I have a kind of testimony of sorts, but I am not an inflexible “mobot” with an unblemished record. My record’s very much blemished I suppose. I’m just trying to work with what I love in the church, as opposed to the ugly stuff, which I try to have as little to do with as possible. I wear a suit on Sundays, but that’s to keep the peace, I’d rather not though…

    I’m genuinely puzzled why these adverts have attracted the kind of attention that they have. I would understand it with the old style advertising, and “be obedient to everything” line in the church (which has sinister overtones from history), but not this really. Some aspects of LDS spirituality have been blandified (if that is a word), and it’s nice to see the top levels actually doing something which moves away from that.

    I would like to be part of the solution, but I fear no one listens to the likes of me! As for the future, if I can fit into the church, great! I hope that will happen. I understand why people leave the church, I’ve been there myself.

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