Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a Mormon.

Truth Values Youth

Please go show this brave gal some love by subscribing to her YouTube channel!

For folks who haven’t yet seen the recent Mormon TV ad campaign that Sarah’s clip is spoofing, check it out.

And by the way, I just noticed Sarah’s letter to Joanna Brooks. If anyone here is giving Sarah a hard time in comments at her YouTube clip, please cool it. Otherwise, she might confuse us nice people with the raging boors who’re arriving at her clip from Queerty.

17 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a Mormon.

  1. “But we cannot stand idle if they indulge in immoral activity, if they try to uphold and defend and live in a so-called same-sex marriage situation.”
    Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, Nov. 1998, 71

    “I think I have read enough to give you an idea of what the Negro is after. He is not just seeking the opportunity of sitting down in a cafe where white people eat. He isn’t just trying to ride on the same streetcar or the same Pullman car with white people. It isn’t that he just desires to go to the same theater as the white people. From this, and other interviews I have read, it appears that the Negro seeks absorption with the white race. He will not be satisfied until he achieves it by intermarriage.”
    Apostle Mark E. Peterson,Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, August 27, 1954

    Sounds kinda the same, huh.

  2. No problem. 🙂 Also, that atheist comic was EPIC! Most of my friends are atheists (I seem to have more in common with them than many believers), so I love reading stuff like that.

  3. Maybe I’m missing something, but how is this brave? If she was really brave she’d show her face. And I was really brave, I wouldn’t be using a pseudonym either. 🙂

  4. hjhj — Sure, maybe it would have been braver of her to give identifying details. It would also be cool if members were comfortable enough with diversity that it wouldn’t require bravery to make such a statement of belief. Maybe that ad campaign will help. 😉

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