Sunday in Outer Blogness: Other People’s Problems Edition!

Nothing About Us Without Us” — what a great insight, brought to us this past week by the feminist Mormon housewives. Reese Dixon wrote the post comparing the situation of disabled people with the situation of women in the LDS church: in both cases policy decisions are made for them, by others. It also seems to fit some of the other discussions I saw around blogspace this week, talking about other groups when you could be talking with them. For example, check out this BCC article (containing lots of speculation about former Mormons, including that gem that former “Mormons become shell-shocked and bitter, and go into therapy to become professional ex-Mormons”). Scott B. might have considered watching In the Shadow of the Temple (reviewed here by the Swearing Elders). Meanwhile Andrew is reduced to posting his responses elsewhere since he’s not welcome on BCC.

By contrast, Tim advises Evangelicals not to just talk to other Evangelicals if they want to know what Mormons believe and are like. And Ms. Jack is going the extra mile by actually having the LDS Missionaries over for dinner. And MoHoHawaii presents a great insight about advice, namely who it’s really for/about.

Sadly, we still have reports from all over of straight people making shockingly ignorant assumptions about gay people.

On a completely different note, both Todd and Runtu have posted interesting points about post-modernism. And speaking of debating the existence of objective reality, Jon discusses global warming skeptics — as Phil notes, you can’t resolve away climate change.

And let’s close with a couple of announcements: Madame Curie is starting a feminist cyber book club. And don’t forget that you’ve only got another day or so to vote for the Brodies (if you haven’t already) or encourage your last few friends to vote for you! 😀


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  1. Thanks again for linking to me, chanson.

  2. Chino Blanco says:

    Here’s something for the Brodies.

    I lived for prizes, praise, distinctions …

    Oh, we’ve noticed, Walter, but now it’s time to honor our own, ciao!

  3. chanson says:

    Cool, thanks!

    ProfXM — can you update the masthead for the Brodies?

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