Sunday in Outer Blogness: Lite ‘n Crunchy Edition!

Sunday in Outer Blogness

This week in Outer Blogness I’ve seen a number of images and other things that made me laugh or smile:

Jean offers a picture of an alternate reality in which the Angel Moroni arrives via snowboard. Tom posts an unvarnished portrait of a 55-year old man getting to know his current self. El Guapo wonders whether the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon is coming out during Monson’s tenure. The Angry Young Man discovers that “cello scrotum” was just a hoax. Jesus’ General has some helpful suggestions for Sarah Palin’s new PAC. And Bull offers a pretty picture of hummingbirds.

In slightly more serious topics (this is the crunchy part), John Remy asks How can atheists be good without God? Christopher Smith gives a fairly negative review to Christianity and Secularism by Elgin Hushbeck. And Scot wonders how to take it when his son receives a CTR ring from a classmate…

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