Visited the stealth office of the NOM today

I was doing some Christmas shopping downtown and thought it might be amusing to swing by the office of the National Organization for Marriage — since it’s right there in the pedestrian-friendly shopping district of Princeton. According to an earlier post, it’s in the same building (20 Nassau Street) as the shop where we got our kids their back-to-school shoes this past fall, in suite 242. The weird thing is that there is no Suite 242, at least according to the office directory:


That piqued my curiosity, so I thought I’d go upstairs and see if it’s really there or not.
nom 016

Hmm, looks pretty deserted. (You can’t quite see the two UPS package stickers on the door.) Unlike the other offices in the building, there’s no sign indicating what organization uses the office. The sign Danielle Truszkovsky photographed was not there — or at least it wasn’t visible from the outside of the office. If they’re not using that suite anymore, they ought to consider having their mail forwarded…

nom 018


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3 Responses

  1. LdChino says:

    Hey, next time you drop by and notice a stack of mail, pls send it my way, and I volunteer to help forward it on to NOM. 😉

  2. Steve EM says:

    I don’t know anything about NOM in NJ, but when I visit Princeton it amazes me how little the place has changed since my time there in the early-mid 80’s, when most everywhere else has changed so much. But as nice as Princeton is, I have to say if you have the means, Westfield is hands down the best town in NJ, at least the best in North Jersey. I really miss Westfield.

  3. chanson says:

    Chino — I think that would be illegal.

    Steve EM — So true! My husband and I lived here for two years, about ten years ago, and it hasn’t changed a bit!

    It’s weird, too, because I can’t figure out why they won’t do something to re-route traffic in order to make the compact downtown truly pedestrian-friendly. It is insane that so much traffic (bound for elsewhere) is routed through those little downtown roads where people need to cross constantly. Obviously it’s more-or-less impossible to park anywhere near the shop you’d like to visit — so it’s ridiculously inconvenient both for driving and for walking!

    It would be so easy to turn the compact center of Princeton into a destination where people would go! I’d certainly rather go there than to the malls, but I don’t unless it’s a day where I can psyche myself to walk all the way there from my apartment (unfortunately not quite adjacent) or psyche myself up for the battle to find somewhere to park…

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