Sunday in Outer Blogness: Still not OK edition!

So, the reason I didn’t get SiOB done yesterday is explained in this helpful comic. I was thinking that rounding up this past week’s Mormon discussion would distract me from our current crisis of democracy, but it appears that the LDS-interest bloggers are also still talking about the election.

Well, a few people talked about some other topics:

In good news, the CoJCoL-dS has discontinued use of the infamous “little factories” pamphlet.

There was also a new infographic inspired by one of the essays, and Zina responded to an article about Satan telling a woman she’s not pretty.

Then there were a couple of interesting exit stories and a letter from a young Mormon just came out as transgender. Additionally, you may have seen some drama recently on the exmo reddit — here’s the explanation.

Good luck to all — let’s see what next week will bring!


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