Sunday in Outer Blogness: Sunny Day Edition!

OK, so I’m totally done with all of the righteous indignation I can handle for this week, what with that scary little lecture we had earlier. Fortunately, we’ve also had a bunch of positive ideas and feel-good stories in Outer Blogness and beyond!

I’d like to start by highlighting some constructive ideas coming through the channels of religion, so that we don’t get our picture of religion skewed too far to the negative side. A self-described “postmodern Christian” reports on a set of noble and humble goals from a recent Christian conference. Steve M. provides a two-part strategy for finding common ground on gay marriage. Mormon Matters has recently posted an interesting series on what you can do to help your church (rather than just leaving) when you think there are improvements to be made: Do We Know How to Be Loving Critics in the Church?, How to Provide Critical Feedback to Church Leaders Church Without Getting Excommunicated, and It Is Possible to Effect Some Changes in Your Stake. (I know this doesn’t apply to those of us who have already been Ex’d or are hoping to be, but I’m just pointing these out as an alternate possibility 😉 )

And for those who do choose to take a break from Mormonism, Phylomytha had quite a positive experience:

The response I got back was SO NICE. Basically he just said that they want to make sure were okay, and hes glad things are going well, and please keep in touch. No pressure, no lectures. My bishop is a really good guy.

In more general feel-good news, Jana won an award for being an inspirational novice paddler — in a sport that she loves so much it “still seems too much to be true”. In a similar vein, Susan got commended for being the best boss her assistant ever had (and got a compliment on her fab shoes, to boot!). Andrew S has has some pretty inspiring ideas about heroes and ordinary people. Craig has started a recipe blog. The sky was kind enough to give an interesting rock to an SUV-owner in Canada. In parenting, Aerin’s kids have discovered one of my favorite educational videos, and another mom makes a very good case for why she wants her daughter “to hear different points of view and be free to make up her own mind about what she believes.”

The FOB Bible has gotten a couple more recommendations!

Does satire count as constructive? Brent has a funny scenario about what can happen when you ignore the establishment clause, and I’m not sure quite what to make of the General’s seduction tips for “what a not-man can do when her head of household stops plowing the south 40.”

And let’s close with some collections of short messages, from atheists & agnostics and from The National Equality March.


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