New York Marriage Equality: Astroturfing – Courtesy of the Same Ten (Mormon) People

In her report on the New York “pro-marriage” rally, Mormon blogger (and Digital Network Army director) Angela Rockwood (aka Beetle Blogger) suggests that if you are a New Yorker, you’ll want to know about these sites:

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms

New Yorkers Family Research Foundation

For once, I agree with Angela: If you’re a New Yorker, please take her advice and check out both sites.

I did. Here’s what I found:

Shared contact info (NYCF’s details on the left, NYFRF’s details on the right):

Not only did both organizations opt to locate in Spencerport, NY, they also somehow wound up sharing the same fax machine?

Moving on to WHOIS details:

Whereas Spencerport, NY is apparently doing some great deals on cheap PO boxes and shared fax lines … Provo, Utah’s must be offering the best deals in the country when it comes to wingnut web hosting.

What does it all mean? I’d suggest it means, that behind the scenes, it’s the same ten (generously-funded) people coordinating (online) opposition to marriage equality.

Notice the same lame DNA logo at both the New Yorkers Family Research Foundation and the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms websites?

Notes from a previous campaign (courtesy WikiLeaks):

STP. Not an exclusively Mormon problem. We’re all suffering on account of the Same Ten (Misguided) People.

If you’ve got a sec, please drop a comment over at Angela’s place.

Chino Blanco

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  1. chanson says:

    Cute identical contact info layout and logos. Is that a standard website template or something?

    Also note that the only person on the contact page of NYCF (Rev. Jason J. McGuire), is also listed in the sidebar the contact page of the other organization (NYFRF) as one of the five people you can contact (“Duane Motley”, “Tom Stiles”, “Jason McGuire”, “Nancy”, and “Rachel” — how come the men have last names and the women don’t?). Not a very impressive job of pretending to be two separate organizations.

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