Sunday in Outer Blogness: Prop. 8 Edition!

My apologies to those who are annoyed that Mormon-interest blogspace has turned into an “All proposition 8, all the time” zone. Don’t worry — the election will be over soon. (Hüffenhardt is already ready to celebrate.) Yet, between now and then, I’ll probably write one more article about it. Yes, I’m just that ornery!

In the meantime, have a look at this lovely list of posts on the subject from all around Outer Blogness:

First off, Trey says Damn right it’s personal to a pro-Prop 8 activist who tells him not to take it personally (when his LDS friends and family organize to take away his marriage).

Mason shares with us his letter for Signing for Something. The letters and petition were delivered on October 17, but unfortunately I haven’t seen any stories on how it went. If anyone has info on it, please comment!

And the emails are flying around the Internet as well! Jonathan Blake has been trying to reason with his LDS friends and family. Scot reports that his (LDS?) brother is also replying to the pro-prop 8 chain emails (you guys aren’t brothers, are you?) And Craig got an interesting response to his coming out letter of last week.

MoHoHawaii offers an amusing video about protecting marriage. X-Jane describes a campus lecture she attended on the subject of Proposition 8. And (not exactly prop 8, but close), Troy Williams explains why the gays need Chris Buttars, reprinted both on Dancing with Crazy and fMh (not that the latter is in Outer Blogness or anything). (Oh well, while I’m including faithful Mormons, read this letter from Crystal, with love.)

And remember, (as you know very well), the pro-prop 8 side has the incredible organizational and financial might of the Religious Right and the LDS church on their side. The marriage equality side has… well, justice, mostly, but that doesn’t pay for T.V. ads or get the vote out. If you can, please consider contributing to No on 8.


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12 Responses

  1. Craig says:

    Hey chanson,

    I was also at the delivering of the letters/petitions om Friday (with Mason). Originally the church refused to accept the letters, but after the AP got a hold of the story, the church claimed that there was a “miscommunication” and that they had always intended on accepting the letters and petitions. Mmhmm, sure…

    Anyways, it was great to be there. I carried letter of protestation meant for Eyring, too bad he’ll likely never see it.

    There was tons of press there, the same AP writer, two local tv stations as well as a radio station. I also got to meet and speak with Mary and Peter Danzig, which was such an honour for me, after all they’ve done and given up to make a stand for what is truly right and moral.

    And here’s a link to an article by the AP. Unfortunately I was standing right behind Andrew in this picture, so didn’t get in it. I really wanted to be interviewed or at least in a picture.

  2. chanson says:

    Craig — Wow, that’s exciting that you were there!

    Thanks for the link. I’d assumed there were some A.P. stories floating around, but I hadn’t found them.

  3. I just had a thought: what if I start suggesting that to protect the sanctity of marriage, all divorcés will only be able to get civil unions? I wonder if it would help people see the hypocrisy of their position. Regrettably, I think some people might actually take the proposal seriously.

  4. chanson says:

    Jonathan — it’s definitely an interesting idea to get people really thinking about the issue. (I’ve heard this suggested before, but I can’t remember where.)

  5. Mike says:

    You might like this letter to the editor about the church’s double-standard:

  6. chanson says:

    Mike — Very good analogy!

  7. An interesting note from a hallway meeting with the local bishop. One of my email messages was sent to a few bishops and the stake president (unintentionally) and raised a few hackles. People came up to the bishop after stake conference asking to deal with me. I confess that it amuses me to hear that.

    The bishop mentioned that the church sent out an email on Tuesday backing of on asking members of the church to volunteer in phone banks calling voters in California.

  8. Eric says:

    I was present when the Signing for Something group delivered the letters on Friday as well. I have written a summary of the event on my blog here. There are also links to news videos from KSL, Fox 13 and ABC 4.

    I am very grateful to the organizers of Signing for Something for allowing people like myself to have a voice, even if a small one, in what would otherwise been a one-sided debate (the Church’s favorite kind). Hell, it’s still very one-sided as far as I’m concerned in Utah, but at least there’s awareness that not everyone is in agreement with the Church on this one.

    Thanks, chanson, for getting the word out, and thanks to all of the people who are linked here for doing their part to stand up for equal rights!

  9. I should clarify: according to the bishop, the church is backing off on asking members in Nevada to volunteer.

  10. dpc says:

    In some ways, I wish there was a group supporting a “Vote No to continually and unceasingly discussing Prop 8 and the definition of marriage”…


  11. chanson says:

    Eric — That’s great that you were there too!

    BTW, Andee (“Windy Sidney”) got some great photos of the event!!

    Jonathan — Thanks for the update, and glad to hear you’re raising some hackles too! 😀

    DPC — Don’t worry, that will be your post-election present! 😉

    (At least until the next such initiative begins…)

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