In the Shadow of the Temple

There’s an exciting new documentary in the works, coming out in the Fall of 2009! Called In the Shadow of the Temple, it’s about the lives of ex-Mormons and of people who don’t believe but still practice Mormonism for family reasons. The filmmakers have finished taking all of the footage and interviews they need, but they’re still in the editing stage, so it’s not too late to give your input on themes and on how the production is crafted. Just visit their blog: In the Shadow of the Temple, the blog.

Here’s the idea, in a nutshell:

Through dozens of interviews with trapped non-believers and with men and women who have left the church, this 90 minute documentary explores, delineates and challenges the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ power to exploit the family as a weapon against those who choose to no longer accept what the Mormons believe to be “the One, True Church.”

Pepita Productions is an independent documentary production company established in 2008. Its producers are storytellers, not advocates for issues. We did not set out to do a documentary about the Mormon church, but it happened – call it kismet – and we have become passionate about the lives of the men and women in our film. The documentary is comprised of seven sequences, beginning with “I know the Church is true” through the unraveling of belief, the consequences of doubt, and finally, renewal.

Or contact them at: Pepita Productions,


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  1. Sideon says:

    The Eagles said it best…

    “…we are all just prisoners here… of our own device…”

  2. Andrew S says:

    I would like very much to see the finished product whenever it comes out.

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