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It looks as though — now that Snarkernacle has fizzled out — a new mocking-the-Bloggernacle-themed blog has popped up to pick up the slack (which I found through the comments of this post)! Complete with LOL catz!

I probably shouldn’t admit to reading this sort of thing (since gawking and laughing when people are picking on other people is undoubtedly some sort of character flaw), but allow me to rationalize a bit: I love blogging and think it’s the greatest thing since… well, ever. Yet I have to admit that there’s something fundamentally absurd about this whole navel-gazing enterprise. Not to worry — blogspace has ridicule baked right in!

Plus, this new blog is funnier than Snarkernacle. My favorite (well, second favorite after this one) is this instance of meta-mocking (since the original post being mocked is already making fun of the Bloggernacle). I’d say the original poster had a point right up until that last bit about how abandoning such topics would make the Bloggernacle better. I think he meant to say abandoning those topics would make the Bloggernacle almost as much of a snooze-fest as Sacrament Meeting, but perhaps I’m just splitting hairs about what qualifies as an improvement. Of course the original poster’s real error is taking himself too seriously (as evidenced by his getting all angry and pissy at the anonymous commenter). Snarckernacle suffered from this same tragic flaw — if you’re going to devote a whole blog to making fun of other blogs, you really need to have a sense of humor about it.

Sadly, none of the Bloggernacle-mocking blogs seem to bother to mock Main Street Plaza. Naturally I take this as an insult since the only thing worse than people talking about you is people not talking about you.

That said, if anyone should decide to mock MSP, I have to warn you that you’ll have to be creative if you want to hurt our feelings. We’ve heard (and/or anticipated) all of the most obvious insults: “Why are you fixated on Mormonism if you don’t believe anymore?” “MSP is just a big ol’ atheist testimony meeting,” “You’re a drunk” (resp. a pervert), “Your drawings look like they were done by a kindergartner” (I can’t find the link on that one, but the drawings in question are here), etc.


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12 Responses

  1. Goodness, well… the conservative nuts of the bloggernacle are just more fun to mock. There’s one or two DAMU/exmo ones in there (back in the history). Frankly, I’d love to make fun of RFM but the stuff doesn’t stay around long enough.

  2. chanson says:

    Frankly, I’d love to make fun of RFM but the stuff doesn’t stay around long enough.

    A lot of it gets archived on the site The Mormon Curtain. You might have a look, as a potential new source of raw material. 😉

  3. Hellmut says:

    I was mocked twice on Snarkernacle, although, once I had to beg for it.

  4. chanson says:

    I was mocked twice on Snarkernacle, although, once I had to beg for it.

    show-off 😉

    Are you talking about that thread about “Cafeteria Mormon”? That one definitely deserves to be in the “best of Snarkernacle” — particularly the dispute in the comments. 😉

  5. Hellmut says:

    Thanks for asking, Chanson. I was promoted here.

    Really soothes my ego . . . Too bad that joint has shut down. If they had only snarked me as much as Nate Oman . . .

    I don’t get the Spear and Magic attribution but I am still flattered.

  6. If you believe it, RFM just isn’t the source of the best stuff.
    and the newly discovered
    that’s Skousens old outfit.

    Pure, unrefined wingnut gold.

  7. Hellmut says:

    LDS Anarchy is probably a parody. The author appears to be messing with TBMs, doesn’t he?

  8. chanson says:

    bb — Wow! It’s true that compared to the many shades of crazy in the Mormon far-right, RfM is kinda dull and repetitive…

    Hellmut — It could be a parody, but I don’t think so. It seems a little rambling for a parody. I expect parodies to be a little snappier than that.

  9. Matt says:

    Now I really love the snark too. And it seems to me that the somewhat left of center have the natural talent. The entire right and both extreme poles suck at it. Something about absurdity not comprehending itself. I don’t know. I’m not too good at dishing it out either — probably due to my supressed conservatism and tendancy to navel-gaze uncontrollably. Here’s the proof.

    Chanson, you’re alright. Just perfect. Queen of Outer Blogness. Impossible to ignore. 🙂

    Hellmut, that was a fun Snarklenacle comment thread. I was Watt Mahoun. Good times.

  10. kuri says:

    On the question of whether that site is a parody… Poe’s Law strikes again!

  11. chanson says:

    Kuri — so true! It actually could go either way…

  12. wry catcher says:

    LOL, that BoNer post you linked to, Chanson, made me lawl. I posted a lot of comments on that thread. Good times. 😀

    And then BoNer left us anyhow. Alas.

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