DAMU, I Thank You


Paying homage to online friends during this holiday season with some heartfelt silliness:

(Alt link in case the embedded vid loads too slow)

My inspiration, my energy, my wisdom, my gratitude, my vision, my laughter … my knowledge.

From me to you: I’m so glad I’m you’re here.

And, yes, if there’d been more than four cues, I would’ve included more of my favorite sites. 🙂

Shout outs to:

Life After Mormonism
Mormon Expression
Further Light and Knowledge
I am an ExMormon

11 thoughts on “DAMU, I Thank You

  1. Thanks, visitor, but any praise for the production values (and approach and pretty much everything else) really belongs to these guys:

    (Alt link in case above clip doesn’t load quickly)

    I just hopped on for the ride there at the end (i.e., the last nine seconds).

  2. Laugh away, but I certainly hope you won’t discount any of the feelings you experienced while viewing my version of the clip just because you’re now suddenly aware of where I found it. I’d feel bad if my sincere expression of exmo camaraderie wound up being disregarded simply on account of my obvious fraud.

  3. No, not at all! That’s what is so ironic to me about it, that this video does equal or more justice as applied by you to our communities, as it did in it’s original rendition to Mormon Messages.

  4. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you playing along. In the absence of a budget, mutual admiration is worth its weight in gold. They control the treasury, but we’ve got the numbers. Here’s to a fun 2011. 🙂

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