Sunday in Outer Blogness, not prop.8 edition

I’ve decided I’d like to make this a regular feature if nobody objects. I’m not trying to compete with the Carnival of the Veil (which is more like a regular carnival where people can submit posts). It’s just that since I subscribe to all the many blogs of Outer Blogness, I might as well share some of the highlights from the past week.

Now with only two days left before the election, the discussion of Proposition 8 has gone into overdrive. Despite complaints here and elsewhere, it would appear that we just can’t stop talking about it. Okay, I’ll admit I haven’t tried very hard. So, to provide a little balance, I’ll start with those citizens of Outer Blogness who’ve managed to write about something else. 😉

First, Sabayon has written a fascinating essay about femininity and Feminism — not to be missed!

Also, Simeon has been reincarnated as Simian, and offers us some Halloween goodies: his top 10 exmo costumes and a positive review of his ward Halloween party.

Faithful blog Mormon Matters has posted a positive article about atheists. It outlines a lot of ideals atheists typically aspire to:

They seem to handle the same pressures, which we have of jobs, kids, and financial worries and seem to have the inner fortitude to work through these related pressures and problems as members of the church do. They do good works and charity from an inner desire to do what is right and not so to speak to be chalking up points for the after life. If anything they are more present with the here and now because in some of their views this could be all there is! They seem to be genuinely happy.

Well, that’s the theory anyway, and perhaps it’s also the practice. Finally, an example of people of faith giving us some positive expectations to live up to! 😀

And Qzed has posted a thoughtful essay on being ethnically Native American.

And Saganist critiques Keller’s The Reason for God.

And now — since I can’t not do it — some Proposition 8 links!!

Scot announces a candlelight gathering (inspired by, but not limited to, Mormon PFLAG moms) tonight at 6p.m. on the Plaza of the Salt Lake City Library.

MoHoHawaii has posted quite a bit on this subject. I especially like his plea for honest ads straight-forwardly explain things like “We’re here today because the president of our church, the man we accept as the Lord’s spokesman on earth, has asked us to do all we can in support of Proposition 8.” Craig also has a whole series of interesting posts on the subject, including the rest of the story on his coming out correspondence.

Friendly Atheist posts a reader’s experience with demonstrating against Proposition 8.

We have a few nice pro-family posts: a video of a Dutch teen with two dads, and a photo of a big gay Mormon wedding!

And let’s end with a message of hope (not exactly prop. 8, but political) from Family Blend.


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  1. Hellmut says:

    That campaign experience was interesting. When the mother’s actions challenged the fundie’s sense of self-righteousness, he totally lost it.

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