6 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Seen It Yet . . .

  1. Interviewer sounded like John Dehlin?

    The “tastes like squash” part was pretty funny. Well, the cat’s partly out of the bag now. The church squeezes tighter and thing just gets bigger and bolder.

    My prediciton: epic fail for the church all around.

  2. Yes, the squash part was kind of funny. Kind of. Carolyn was definitely holding back on that question. I just imagine what it would be like if I had to pretend to be gay and have sex with another man.

    I am glad that Gordon Hinckley put an end to the practice of requiring gays to marry straights. Every little bit of realism can go a long way.

    Speaking of realism, I always considered it a strong suit that Mormonism rejected celibacy. That’s the reason why last instruction to returning missionaries is to get married with all deliberate speed.

    But when it comes to gays, suddenly celibacy is supposed to work.

  3. word on another site is that the 1Million anti-P8 yard signs were ordered from CHINA (non-union, Thank You) have been delayed.
    too bad.

  4. Sorry about the trouble, Kullervo. And thanks for the heads up.

    I just played the movie successfully. Jonathan’s link worked as well. May be, it was a temporary glitch at the server or with youtube.

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