Two articles on Mormon culture


I caught this article in the student paper on campus today and nearly wet myself: Utah not only allows guns on campuses, but now wants to make it possible for gun carriers to brandish them openly. Welcome to the Wild West! Is this a Mormon thing, or just whack job politicians?

I also caught this article on Google News this morning about another former Mormon who is gay and working through the years of mental anguish he suffered at the hands of Mormonism (and Texas culture). When will Mormons wake up and realize the damage their homophobia is doing?

11 thoughts on “Two articles on Mormon culture

  1. thanks for linking to that article. i just did some research on harvey milk last week, having never heard of him before, and his story is indeed amazing.

  2. (a Generality here):

    Mormons… especially Leaders… care more about the tribe than any of the individuals who make up the tribe….
    If some have to be thrown under the wheels of the bus / out of the lifeboat… that lightens the load for those remaining.

    This is what we expect philosophical organizations To Do: remain ‘Pure’ in their ethics/morality.

    bottom line: Mormonism and most churches are CLUBS: if Both sides of the equasion live up to the terms, then Both should be happy!

  3. I don’t think the liberal use of guns is a Mormon thing; I think it has to do with whack politicians and that Utahn’s think they are living in a John Wayne film.

    The guy who killed Harvey Milk claimed he did it because he overdosed on Twinkies……I knew they were bad.

  4. Re the guns, it’s a western cultural thing. The Church doesn’t allow guns in its buildings…much to the chagrin of the wingnut caucus.

  5. I seem to remember an article years ago in Sunstone about a bruhaha over some bishop who wanted to allow people to pack heat to sacrament meeting. Said they would be “safer” that way, and able to “protect themselves.” From what? Boring high council speakers, I guess. Or maybe somebody’s whose travelogue in testimony meeting about their recent vacation to Disneyland had gone on just. too. long.

    I never did hear what happened. Sounds like sanity prevailed.


  6. (In my TBM days) one dude (a taxi driver) was packing & showing in SM… I complained to the Bp. I think the guy didn’t do it any more…

    But belaja: Agree; I’ve been tempted myself…

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