blast from my mission past


Here’s a fun little article from a Ghanian convert to Mormonism. Oh the memories. I remember using all of those same Biblical verses to defend Mormonism on my mission in Central America. Does anyone else remember doing this (or are you still doing it)? I have to admit I’m much more content these days as a result of not having to defend something that is so hard to defend.

8 thoughts on “blast from my mission past

  1. Is contentment being confused with complacency?

    I obviously can’t speak to why Kullervo feels relieved, but the relief that I felt when I gave up some beliefs that I didn’t truly hold had everything to do with losing the pain of cognitive dissonance, not with taking the easy road.

    For example, it felt very good to finally admit to myself and everyone else that I found Joseph Smith’s claims deeply suspicious. The mental gymnastics that I needed to perform to maintain my belief in Joseph Smith as a prophet took a lot of energy and effort. I didn’t realize how difficult trying to believe in J.S. was until I stopped doing it. For the first time in decades I found the strength to say exactly how I saw things despite peer pressure to believe differently. It came as a great relief to set that burden down and live honestly.

    Mocking will not take away from my enjoyment of living authentically.

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