Harold Bloom on Mitt’s speech


I was just going back over some articles I recently read in an issue of Sunstone and caught this quote from Harold Bloom’s take on modern-day Mormonism, “What he [Joseph Smith] most distinctly was not was another American Protestant revivalist. Mitt Romney would not like my saying this, but if he truly followed Smith, Young, and Taylor, then he could not honestly present himself to the electorate as a Christian. If Joseph Smith was a Protestant, then Muhammad was a Catholic.” (p. 19) (Bloom, Harold. 2007. “Perspectivism and Joseph Smith.” Sunstone March(145):18-19.) Note the date – March 2007… Once again Harold Bloom proves himself particularly prescient.

3 thoughts on “Harold Bloom on Mitt’s speech

  1. I have a hard time getting worked up over the “Christian” thing. I could take it or leave it. Although I would be a lot happier if Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox also gave up the label and started calling themselves “trinitarians.”

    Fair is fair after all.

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